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    How should we spell it?

    So...we love Bronwyn/wen. She is due to be born in 7 weeks...and we just can't decide.

    Do we do the traditional spelling of Bronwen and the softer sound that 'wen' offers?

    Do we do the more modern approach of Bronwyn with the 'win' sound at the end instead of 'wen'.

    Hmmm...I would really appreciate your insights!!!

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    Re: How should we spell it?

    Per Nameberry:

    "One of the loveliest of the Welsh names, striking the perfect balance between being familiar and unusual. In Wales, the female spelling is always Bronwen, but Americans usually see a "y" as adding femininity."

    I always fall on the side of authenticity, so would go with the Welsh "Bronwen." I figure if it's a Welsh name, go with the Welsh spelling.

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    Re: How should we spell it?

    Bronwyn is actually the traditional male spelling. I voted for Bronwen, enough said.

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    Re: How should we spell it?

    I agree with the previous posters. Bronwyn is a boy's name, Bronwen is a girls name. I personally would not enjoy being given a boy's name when there's a perfectly accessible feminine version...
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    Re: How should we spell it?

    I did research the male/female thing with a Welsh website...and basically, it's not that wen if female and Bronwyn in male... Traditionally in Wales that is how it works...but apparently there is no male equivalent of it's sort of a non name. Basically open to use how we'd like.

    I'm drawn to the 'wen' spelling as well...but the vast majority of people I've spoken to prefer the 'wyn'...which is why I've been left confused ;)

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