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    Myriel Jayne Maple
    = myleljanemryieap

    Myriel: variant of the Celtic name Muirgel, meaning "shining sea."

    Maple: the maple tree is ruled by Jupiter and its wood is used in charms for money and love.

    -- Nephele
    Thank you! Myriel is very pretty. I hadn't heard of that name before.

    And you got my middle name exactly right, wow!
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    Ooh me too please!!!


    That's first middle and last Thanks

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    Thanks for the name!
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    Cool! Here's mine:

    18 year old accumulating a library of names for characters and future children...

    Top 3 Names: Clara Rosalynde Persephone "Posey", Athena Iliana Pearl "Attie", and Killian Curtis Philip "Kip"

    Sylvia Wren; Ophelia Sonnet; Sybil Ygrainne; Gentry Mae; Arcadia Lark; Evanthe Arbor

    Gable Evander; Kipling Alcott; Finnegan Wilder; Theodore Gardner; Gawain Everard; Garrick Yardley

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    This is SO cool! Great idea! Thank you in advance
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