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Thread: Does this fit.

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    Does this fit.

    Simon, Levi and Eben. And would you assume we were religious?

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    Re: Does this fit.

    I didn't think religious until you mentioned religious.
    I love Simon and Levi and think they work together.
    Not a fan of Eben, prefer Eden.

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    Re: Does this fit.

    Eben doesn't seem to fit imo.
    Top picks for hypothetical #7
    Grace Elizabeth, Lucy Caroline, Stella Maris, Elizabeth Mary, Josephine Maria, Mary Grace or Rosemary

    Peter Gregory, Gabriel Thomas, John Anthony, Luke Timothy, Leo Matthias or Henry

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    Re: Does this fit.

    Quote Originally Posted by alisonleah
    Simon, Levi and Eben. And would you assume we were religious?
    All Biblical names, all very cool, not necessarily religious.

    Love Eben and Simon and Levi is cool too.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Does this fit.

    With Levi and Simon I don't assume religious at all and I think they go very nicely together. Eben just confuses me. I don't even know which gender it is. It has a very different feel for me from Levi and Simon.

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