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    my husband's NEW list - narrowed down!

    Hey once again Berries:)
    We moved up our big ultrasound and it is now less than 2 weeks from today! I know it's not necessary to have a name picked by then, but since this has been causing so much stress, I really would like to. Otherwise I'm afraid I will get to the u/s, find out it's a girl and instead of being happy and excited I will be like, "crap! what am I going to name her????"

    So I got dh to sit down today and using my master name list he chose 3 names he would agree on today, and 4 that he thinks I could persuade him to like.

    I'd love your opinions on the list! You'll remember, big sister is Isla Hope.

    His Favorites:
    Ashlyn - I think this is gorgeous, but so wish it were spelled the Celtic way, Aislinn. I think that way gives it so much more. . .meaning? This way seems a little too trendy to me, but it's very pretty sounding. . .

    Runners Up:

    Middle name will most likely be one of these names, depending on which sounds best with the fn,

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: my husband's NEW list

    I think Audrey Joy is a big winner!!! I love the combination, especially with Isla Hope. Good luck with everything!

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    Re: my husband's NEW list

    Aislinn Joy :) spell it the way you like it!

    And it's ther perfec sibset with Isla Hope - Isla and Aislinn are both celtic (Scottish and Irish) so go well and Hope and Joy go together well for obvious reasons :)
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    Re: my husband's NEW list

    I think Aislin or Audrey go best with Isla Hope (A beautiful name, might I add. I also share yours and your daughters middle name, I'm Chloe Hope)

    I think Joy would definitely work best ion the middle spot, as it is easy to match with any name on your list, and it is another virtue name to connect her to you and your other daughter.

    Good luck!

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    Re: my husband's NEW list

    Here are my suggestions from your list:
    Ashlyn/Aislinn Joy

    Audrey Joy
    Audrey Claire

    Matilda Joy

    Ruby Claire

    Brenna Joy
    Brenna Claire

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