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    Icelandic Top 50 for 2014

    Yes, 2014. The Icelandic stats people always release this information so late that it is already pretty out of date and they were particularly slow this year (/last year), but still I thought some people might be interested to have a look! Compare to 2013 here. Lots of ties again of course due to low population


    1. Margrét
    2. Anna
    3. Emma
    4. Ísabella
    5. Eva
    6-8. Hekla, Kristín, Viktoría
    9-10. Emilía, Katrín
    11. Freyja
    12-14. Birta, Júlía, Sara
    15. Sóley
    16-19. Aníta, Helga, Katla, María
    20. Guðrún
    21. Elísabet
    22-24. Alexandra, Íris, Þórdís
    25-28. Elín, Ingibjörg, Lilja, Rakel
    29. Jóhanna
    30-31. Embla, Sigrún
    32-34. Andrea, Linda, Salka
    35-41. Harpa, Helena, Hrafntinna, Klara, Saga, Steinunn, Unnur
    42-47. Auður, Aþena, Fanney, Hanna, Iðunn, Ronja
    48-53. Amelía, Arna, Hrafnhildur, Karen, Snædís, Vigdís


    1. Aron
    2. Alexander
    3. Viktor
    4. Kristján
    5. Jón
    6-7. Guðmundur, Kristófer
    8-9. Gunnar, Ólafur
    10-12. Benedikt, Dagur, Emil
    13-14. Óliver, Sigurður
    15-17. Arnar, Bjarki, Daníel
    18. Kári
    19-21. Andri, Magnús, Róbert
    22-23. Jóhann, Jökull
    24-28. Baltasar, Einar, Gabríel, Mikael
    29-30. Matthías, Tómas
    31-35. Ásgeir, Baldur, Birkir, Davíð, Hilmar
    36-37. Elvar, Ísak
    38-41. Árni, Björn, Haukur, Styrmir
    42-50. Anton, Ari, Benjamín, Eyþór, Frosti, Kacper, Óskar, Sindri, Theódór

    Very interesting to see the first 'illegal' name to make it to the top 50 (Kacper)! I assume this is from the Polish community. It is not illegal for foreign-born Icelandic residents to give their children any name they like from their culture, so I only mean 'illegal' in the sense that it is not from the approved list.
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    Yaaay! I'm surprised to see Margrét is so high. It's just not one that I would have expected to see hit first place. Although, a lot of the top names do have a high usability factor since they are so international and classic. Also, I love Þórdís just because I think the Þ is such a fun letter.

    Loving Baltasar, Einar, Baldur, Elvar, Styrmir, and Sindri. Yay for those Nordic -r ending boy names! Frosti made me smile just because I can't help but picture a bunch of baby snowmen. Eyþór is an interesting choice, and I like it better once I heard the forvo pronunciation instead of how I had it in my head; I though eyethor which would sound like eye sore.
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    Thanks for posting! Very interesting list!

    Þórdís - how is this pronounced?
    Auður - same question

    I love: Freyja, Aníta, Klara, Ronja

    Yay for Benedikt!

    Loving: Baltasar & Matthías

    Frosti- I agree with you ottertails. It's totally cute, but would never work here. Like being called Smoothie.
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    Ottertails - Yeah, I was also a bit surprised about Margrét, although I know of a few little Margréts. Mostly because it jumped up so many places! It is my MIL's name and my bf is also named the Icelandic masculine version (after her). We would probably have used it for Freyja's middle name if it didn't sound so bad with her patronymic. I like the Þ names also - sadly they're a bit of a hassle outside Iceland and the Faroes.

    Frosti is one of the funniest Icelandic names for English-speakers, for sure. Besides the snowman thing, there is also a breakfast cereal in the UK called Frosties (I think they are called Frosted Flakes in the US?) so it always makes me laugh. It would have been totally unusable for us, although if I put all that aside I think it is quite a sweet name.

    Kala_Way - Good to see some love for Freyja It's popular but it's a good one. I haven't met another baby Freyja yet, but once ours gets into daycare, nursery, school, activity clubs etc I am sure we will find a few. Ronja I find very interesting to see, because it has got so popular really fast. If you didn't know, she is a (very cool) Astrid Lindgren character who would be an awesome namesake. I think it's a really great name. I love Baltasar, Matthías and Benedikt too!

    Þórdís is like THORE-deese (see Forvo because the first bit is a bit hard to explain: link)
    Auður is very tricky for non-Icelandic-speakers. Au is like œ in French (as in œil) and the sound isn't in English at all. You say the vowel sound in sir and then ee in quick succession to make a diphthong. Ð is like th in that. Again, probably easier just to listen: link. One of my SILs is named Auður

    Forvo is usually great when you want to know how to pronounce something (not just names). I highly recommend it for future reference!
    Freyja Elísabet - 4 June 2015
    Possible future brother: Benedikt - Elías - Emil - Jóhann - Matthías
    Possible future sister: Elsa - Elva - Inga - Salka - Sóley
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    As a Margaret myself, it's fun to see a variation at the top of a national popularity list! It's also great to see Baltasar (variation of my son's middle name) and the Polish Kacper in the top fifty. I just love the Magi names! (No Melchior, though...)
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