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  • Kit (g)

    24 43.64%
  • Scout (g)

    20 36.36%
  • Jo (g)

    18 32.73%
  • Ash (g)

    8 14.55%
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    Which name do you like better?

    Just wondering!
    Girls- Imogen (Immi), Zephyr, Calypso, Calliope, Persephone (Sephy), Isis, Ellery, Avia, Elia, Ezri (Ezzie), Emmeline (Emi), Carolina, Evelyn (Evie), Waverly, Eve, Zoe, Hannah, Grace, Melina (Mellie), Catherine (Kitty), Artemis, Zelda, Iantha.

    Boys- Dylan, Devon, Cole, Ellery, Ezra, Leo, Marion, Willem, Whit, Samuel, Sampson,

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    Kit, but only as a nickname for Katherine.
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    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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    Jo, because I immediately think of Jo Marsh from Little Women.
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    Malcolm, Tristan, Aaron, Garrett, Vincent
    Iris, Bridget, Bonnie, Averill, Petra

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    Scout, spunky and cute. Kit is a close second.
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    Persephone - Georgiana - Aurddolen - Hedydd - Edith - Artemis - Seren - Morgana

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    Kit! As the full name or as a nickname or middle. I like the association of Jo March from Little Women as well but I prefer the full name Josephine so I wouldn't pick Jo personally
    Darcy, Quentin, Elliott, James, Marianne, Josephine, Henrietta
    Robin, Hazel
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