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    Which -a names *would* work?

    OK, just for fun and out of curiousity. . . I've been avoiding all 2 syllable names that end in A, thinking them too close in sound to Isla. But. . .a lot of names that end in the Y sound sound too. . cutesy for my taste - Molly, Lucy, Maisy, Darcy, etc.

    So, what names ending in A could work with Isla, and I don't necessarily need you to come up with names in particular, but, like what qualities should they have?

    I really appreciate all of your help lately! This is me "taking a break" from looking at names:) I not really good at the break part, but I am looking at things a little differently, trying to think outside the box a bit! Anyway, thanks, really!

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    Re: Which -a names *would* work?

    Well, for starters any three or four syllable name that ends in a wouldn't be too matchy or rhymey with Isla. But, I would focus more on avoiding the l sound than on the ending a sound, because the l sound is so prominent (the only consonant sound) in Isla. So, a name like Molly (aside from the fact that you don't like it) might be too tongue twister-y with Isla because the both have that strong l, regardless of the fact that they end in different sounds. A name like Rita, on the other hand, while it is another two-syllable name ending with an a, doesn't sound anything like Isla, and the two names said together balance quite well, because the hard t offsets the soft l.
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    Re: Which -a names *would* work?


    I would:

    1) Avoid a strong vowel sound at the start (e.g., Anna, Elsa, Orla, Ula), as it is closer to Isla.

    2) Most importantly, I would avoid a heavy L sound, like the one in Isla (e.g., avoid Layla, Orla, Ula, Alla, Perla, etc.), as they are just too similar. Don't choose a name ending in -LA!

    So, I'd choose something with an R sound, as I think it pairs nicely with Isla, or maybe an S sound (e.g., Mara - Maura - and Risa are good).

    Good luck!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Which -a names *would* work?

    Definitely not a vowel, like suggested above. I like the way Isla sounds with Gemma, Mia (Mee-Uh), Cara, Nora, and Rosa for example. No "eye" sounds and no "l" sounds. Isla is such a beatiful name! GL!
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    Re: Which -a names *would* work?

    Have you thought of names with a harder consonant sound? like -n.

    Isla Lynn
    Isla Caroline
    Isla Diane (or Dayne)

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