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    Re: New BNG: Create an Elementary School Class!

    Teacher: Ms. Theresa Louise Graham

    School: Hilary Rodham Clinton Elementary School

    Class Roster:
    Anglin GIRL (Brenna Marion)
    Bratt BOY (Dexter Nicholas)
    Douglas GIRL (Natalie Sierra)
    Findlay BOY ( Grant Michael)
    Gravitt GIRL (Lydia Sara)
    Haverty BOY (Quentin Blair)
    Ison GIRL (Melody Willow)
    Jacoby BOY (Neil Holden)
    Langley GIRL (Carmen Zaire)
    Martinez BOY (Diego Juan)
    Navidad GIRL (Sierra Isabel)
    O'Connell BOY (Liam Patrick)
    Pesci GIRL (Giada Gabriella *Gigi*)
    Quisenberry BOY (Ryan Newton)
    Thayer GIRL (Shannon Leigh)
    Vaughn BOY (Gabriel Roman)
    Winslow GIRL (Dalia Hadley)
    Zahn BOY (Wilson Henry)

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    Re: New BNG: Create an Elementary School Class!

    Teacher: Ms. Gotti, Angelina Rose

    School: Lady Gaga Elementary School

    Class Roster:
    Shoshanna Amelia Anglin - GIRL
    Sean Kevin Bratt - BOY
    Sierra Michelle Douglas - GIRL
    Grant Julian Findlay - BOY
    Lydia Tess Gravitt - GIRL
    Damon Louis Haverty - BOY
    Willow Charlotte Ison - GIRL
    Ian Robert Jacoby - BOY
    Janelle Diane Langley - GIRL
    Diego Alejandro Martinez - BOY
    Heidi Maria Navidad - GIRL
    Liam Chance O'Connell - BOY
    Giuliana Sofia Pesci - GIRL
    Ryan Michael Quisenberry - BOY
    Chloe Elise Thayer - GIRL
    Troy Damon Vaughn - BOY
    Emma Kelly Winslow - GIRL
    Henry Landon Zahn - BOY
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Re: New BNG: Create an Elementary School Class!

    Teacher: Ms. Alice Graham

    School: Glenn Quinn Elementary School

    Class Roster:
    Anglin, Brenna
    Bratt, Nicholas
    Douglas, Julie
    Findley, Michael
    Gravitt, Ashley
    Haverty, Damon
    Ison, Willow
    Jacoby, Holden
    Langley, Keisha
    Martinez, Quirino
    Navidad, Isabel
    O'Connell, Liam
    Pesci, Gabriella
    Quisenberry, Ryan
    Thayer, Shannon
    Vaughn, Joseph
    Winslow, Bethany
    Zahn, Jay

    Mummy to my little Egyptian Sun God RA (9/1/10)
    & Girlfriend to his Red Devil Daddy Steve (Since 26/4/08)

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    Re: New BNG: Create an Elementary School Class!

    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West

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    Rhode Island
    Teacher: Jessamine Devyn Pinelli.

    G Savita Kathryn Laquidara.
    B Rondie Harry Agron.
    G Strawberry Dianna Rodrigues.
    B Trace William Souza.
    G Grace Jordyn Feleciano.
    B Heathcliff Benjamin Southiere.
    G Katniss Anne Goucher.
    B Liev Vladimir Paiva.
    G Peyton Annemarie Krupski.
    B Princeton Bennett Krupski.
    G Harlow Sarah Valdivia.
    B Wilder Brendan Vargas.
    G Lynn Anamaria Jordan.
    B Fjord James Patterson.
    G Elowen Nicole Zuckerberg.
    B Noel Joshua Banks.
    G Tallulah Danielle Tsangarouli.
    B Adam Marcos Kumlin.

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