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    Can you find a name I have never heard before?

    I have recently discovered names I had never heard before, though I am sitting here staring at a stack of name books and read Namberry and other blogs semi-religiously.

    I want to see if you can add any names to my quickly growing list of discoveries, but!- here's the real challenge. Are they usable in America in this day and age? Obviously there is no prize other than a job very well done!
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    How about Contenza?
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    I know a girl named Arisbay (prn. AIR-iz-bay). Some others I've come across...

    Juiz (prn joo-ees)
    Vionnet (prn vee-oh-nay)

    Hope I helped out a little!
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    I have a friend name Regine, the name isn't even on this site!
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    Esperanza is the most out-there name of a person I know. Ooh, how about Esteban, Pearson, or Brock? I know those as well.

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