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    If you have an unusual name, would you give your child one?

    I was thinking recently and to anyone with unusual name, or anyone who knows somebody with an unusual name, or just if you have any ideas about this: if you had a unique name, would you be more or less likely to give your child one (or the same)?

    I thought at first you would be more likely because you've had exposure to "weird" or "out there" names before so it isn't as unusual, sort of like you've built up some immunity and therefore might choose more eccentric names.

    Then, I thought that maybe you wouldn't, because if you had a truly strange name then you wouldn't want to bestow the same strangeness on to your child.

    Perhaps, your name wouldn't affect what you name your child. Maybe you would be impartial even if you had a strange name.

    So, what are your thoughts on this?
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    I have a rather common name, so I can't attest to your original question, however I can say that I wouldn't want to use a name that is very common. I didn't like being one of three Haley's in my class. I always envied girls that had pretty unusual names. I would draw a line at names that no one knows how to pronounce or spell and I think there are some names that just don't translate cross cultures, so I would avoid those. For the most part I think I would rather name my child something that won't require them to tack an initial on the end of their name to differentiate them from other people.

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    I have a common name with an uncommon pronunciation. I would give my child an uncommon name that is really, really easy to pronounce.

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    When I was born my name was unusual, now it has gained in popularity, more so for boys than girls, which annoys me. I am a Rowan, and I always liked having a name that was unusual but easily pronounced. I think I would try to follow the same sort of trend as with my name, relatively unheard of but not unpronounceable, as I would much prefer my child to be the only one in their class to have their given name so they wouldn't have to resort to a nickname, middle or having an initial tacked on to their name for their school career. My brother was given a name that was the most popular name the year of his birth and was forever known by his surname, which isn't something I would want really.
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    This is a point on which my close friend and I always differ, she has a name that is very unique, even hard to google or research by even nameberry standards. I can't even post what it is here and feel safe that she wouldn't find this post by just googling her name. Anyway, she wants to give her children all very common names, her favorites are Noah and Charlotte because of the fact that her name is so unusual. It always gets mispronounced, it has apparently caused nothing but problems for her in her life. Every time I bring up an uncommon name, I always get aghast looks signaling the age old, "Why would you do that?!" (read uncommon like Lavender, not 'uncommon' like Alysyanya) I on the other hand, was a Kimberly, born in the 80's, with about a million other Kimberlys in the past 4 decades, so I know more Kims than I can count, and I don't want my children having the same experience.

    I was actually just pondering this fact the other day, how she, with an unusual name wants her kids to have very common names, and how I, with a very common name, want my kids to have unique names....

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