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    Help with girls' names please!

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    My favorites with your LN:
    *Eloise (Ellie)
    Viviette--try Vivienne, instead
    (*my 2 favorites)

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    I love:
    Amalie Molaison
    Adelle Molaison
    Maisie Molaison
    Rosamund Molaison
    Aveline Molaison
    Frances Molaison

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    Amalie: I think that Amelie is really pretty...
    Eloise (Ellie): I love Eloise!
    Eleanor (Ellie): I love it, but with your last name, the Mol sound in your last attaches to the "nor" part of Eleanor when I say it out loud, sounding like "Normal."
    Ellianna (Ellie): I love Eliana, but only spelled Eliana.
    Adelle: I think it's a great name!
    Marielle: I LOVE Marielle, and I love alliteration, but something about Marielle Molaison is hard for me to say.. It may just be me, though! :-)
    Aubrielle: Because Aubrey seems trendy to me, I like some of your other names more.
    Mirabelle: I LOVE it, and for some reason, it's easier for me to say with your last name than Marielle.
    Arabella: I think it's beautiful...
    Maisie: I think it's really cute...At the same time, I think that Maisie Molaison sounds a bit rhymey. Marin: I think it's really pretty, but I like some of the others more with your last name.
    Macy: I prefer Maisie to Macy.
    Viviette: I love Viviette! You may also like Viviana.
    Sacha: I think it's a pretty name...
    Matilda (Mattie): I love it, and think it's great with your last name!
    Rosamund: I think it's beautiful, but I like some of the others more with your last name.
    Aveline: I think it's so pretty, but I love names that don't end with an N sound with your last name more.
    Frances: I love it, but I think some of the others work better with your last name.
    Arianna: I think it's pretty...(Edit: I just realized that the anna sound combines with the Mol sound in your last name to sound like "animal.")
    Mariette: I think it's really cute! :-)

    I love so many of your names! :-)

    I'm not sure if you're looking for more ideas, but if you are:

    Audrey Molaison
    Charlotte Molaison
    Margot (nn Maisie) Molaison
    Phoebe Molaison
    Ruby Molaison

    More exotic names:

    Elodie (I love this French name, and think it sounds great with your last name)
    Juliana (Ooops! I just realized that the ana/anna ending sound combines with the beginning "mol" sound of your last name to sound like "animal")

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    Eloise (Ellie) - Don't like how this goes with the last name.
    Maisie - Maisie Molaison is quite a trippy mouthful.
    Viviette - Cutesy, but ooh, I like!
    Aveline - So flowing.
    I tend to dislike alliteration, but these actually work:

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