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    Re: If you had 20 kids what would you name them?

    This would be a nightmare to my 'all names in a sibset need to match' policy.... XD
    I think I'll go for whimsical this time...
    Let's see:
    Eulalie Blithe
    Twila Margot
    Romola Maud
    Isannah Primrose
    Cybele Rosamund
    Pomona Wren
    Lileas Delta
    Leoline Flora
    Imelda Fantine
    Alura Joy

    Hallam Claude
    Albion Marland
    Laszlo Rafferty
    Chauncey Everard
    Deveraux Eben
    Eleazer Thorne
    Huxley Olivier
    Lancaster Joss
    Melville Ianto
    Trevelyan York
    Åshild / 25 / lover of books and baked goods

    Kielo + Noria/Naroa + Liveva + Morena + Columbine + Clementine
    Lev/Liev + Pilou + Kitto + Tauno + Amaro + Moriah + Ilmarinen


    Fey Tatiana Echo + Dido Hadassah Muse + Bird Raphaela Noor
    Oak Odysseus Dare + Vega Severin Shadow + Hart Johannes Ocean

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