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    1. Lachlan Fable
    2. Freya Persophone
    3. Charlotte Joviana 'Charlie'
    4. Franchesca Rosamund 'Chesca'
    5. Bryn Cora
    6. Tessa Morrigan
    7. Noelani Keturah 'Noa'
    8. Orchid Shay
    9. Hermione Yasmin
    10. Bo Katriel

    1. Rian Dex
    2. Renley Bastian
    3. Davin Merrick
    4. Jude Willoughby
    5. Gavrie Pippen
    6. Rickon Barnaby
    7. Nevin Gunther
    8. Lucas Durban 'Cas'
    9. Thorne Eoin
    10. Remus Gallahad

    I was reaching most of the way through these lol

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    Current favourites:
    Cordelia, Debora, Florence, Irene, Joan, Margaret, Mary, Philippa, Tabitha
    Alistair, Angus, Arthur, Chester, Edmund, James, Michael, Walter, Winston

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    Cedric Enos + Gideon Alaric + Mingus Balthazar + Hugo Wolfgang + Dashiell Abraham
    Edith Veronica + Elizabeth Pearl + Clementine Lilith + Gwendolen Lydia

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    Okay if you asked me tomorrow, youd probably get a different answer
    (Also I have a thing for color names)

    Sage (NMN) (which is a given)
    Nova Mae
    Winter Rose *Winnie*
    Navy Carson
    Royal Samson *Roy*
    Pine Josiah
    Holiday Jacquline
    Clementine Dawn
    Briar-Rose Mary
    Cordovan Onyx *Cord*
    November Thomas
    Juniper Viola *June*
    Daisy Luna
    Snowbelle Lane
    Honey Sophia
    Copper Jonah
    Tide Asher
    Crimson Danny
    Afternoon Amara
    Ever Bliss
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Favorite Color Names: Tundra, Winter, Nova, Tansy, Clementine, Pine, Tor, Navy, Shea, Tide
    Favorite Non Color Names: Hartley, Allison, Tara, Alora, Elle, Conrad, Sawyer, Alton, Lars, Anders

    (Favorite names may change often)

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