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Thread: middle?

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    Re: middle?

    I think it's cute!

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    Re: middle?

    I think it's really cute!
    The only problem is people might not know how to pronounce it, (I would pronounce it Merry), but I don't think that really matters for a middle name.

    I like the meaning, and Meri goes really well with Stella!

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    Re: middle?

    I really like Stella Meri.
    Looks nice and has a nice flow :)

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    Re: middle?

    It instantly reminds me of Stella Maris, but I think that might be a good thing since it isn't Stella Maris and since no one will notice unless they know her middle name :)
    Stella Maris is a Latin title used for Virgin Mary in Roman Catholicism and means 'star of the sea'.
    It is translated in English as 'Our Lady, Star of the Sea'.
    If you're a Christian, it's an awesome connection :)
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    Re: middle?

    Thanks everyone! I think I have found suitable names whether it's a boy or a girl. Now all I have to do is wait for it to show up...only 8 1/2 months left...hooray!

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