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    Short Weather Quiz with Choices/Namebanks - Son and Daughter (with two middles)

    Daughter FN: In which continent do you live?
    Australasia: Adelaide, Kathleen, or Mia
    North America: Charlotte, Georgia, or Brooklyn
    South America: Millicent, Juliana, or Nora
    Europe: Olivia, Elizabeth, or Paisley
    Asia: Rachel, Gabrielle, or Samira
    Africa: Angelique, Harper, or Amina
    Antarctica: Felicity, Eulalia, or Zoe

    Daughter MN1: Which is your favourite season in terms of the weather it gives and what you can do in that weather?
    Autumn: Fern, Lilia, or Elizabeth
    Winter: Trinity, Jessamine, or Harriet
    Spring: Daniela, Imogen, or Jade
    Summer: Sophia, Ivy, or Christabel

    Daughter MN2: Would you prefer snow or no snow during Christmas, and what will you end up getting despite your preferences?
    I want snow, and I will most likely get snow: Noelle, Matilda, or Gemma
    I don't want snow, but I will most likely get snow: Jill, Cosima, or Ophelia
    I want snow, but I most likely won't get snow: Josephine, Xanthe, or Gwyneth
    I don't want snow, and I most likely won't get snow: Mariah, Luca, or Chantelle

    Son FN: Which of the following weather characteristics is your favourite?
    It's sunny: Jax, Peyton, or Alexander
    It's cloudy: Michael, James, or Harrison
    It's raining: Ray, Brinley, or Isaiah
    It's stormy: Leon, Cameron, or Peter
    It's snowing: Berlin, Theodore, or Matthew
    It's humid: Orlando, Travis, or Stephen

    Son MN1: What is the temperature like where you are right now?
    Hot: Cassian, Ashton, or Zachary
    Warm: Casper, Oscar, or Benjamin
    Cool: Graeme, Henry, or Wilbur
    Cold: August, Jet, or Emmett
    Freezing: Elijah, Josiah, or Arlo

    Son MN2: What is the sky doing where you are right now?
    Sunny: Philip, Roman, or Thomas
    Overcast: Nathan, Liam, or Lachlan
    Precipitating: Finnegan, Landon, or Levi
    It always seems impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandela

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    * Eleanor "Ellie" * Maeve * Caroline * Mary * Grace * Sophie * Stella *

    * James * Henry * Paul * Owen * Emmett *

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    Xanthe Estelle - Sacha John

    Isobel - Rose nn Rowie - Wren - Zoe - Emrys - Sage - Sawyer - Tristan

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