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Thread: Quad Quest

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    Quad Quest

    Quadruple the Quads: Four families need help naming their quadruplets. Use the banks provided. Spellings can be modified.

    family1surname: Rembrandt Montgomery Ericson Smith Franklin
    family1parents: You Choose
    1. Samantha Katherine Elisabeth Jessica Margaret Abigail Eve Fay Mae Rose Grace Quinn
    2. Victoria Vanessa Veronica Sabrina Caroline Carolyn Belle Beth Fern Fawn Dawn June
    3. Jane Joanna Jacqueline Jemima Yvonne Isobel Jade Jude Kai Raven Pearl Opal Avril
    4. Lori Lauren Liv Lorelei Leigh Lynn Linna Lia Marjorie Meredith Maryjo Nicole Nicolette

    family2surname: Paige Preston Parker Foster Forester
    family2parents: You Choose
    1. William Charles Travis Theo Clayton Brandon David James Gregory Joseph Jonathan
    2. Noah Elijah Jacob Alex Ryan Kyle Tyler Christian Ian Isaac Evan Samuel Thomas
    3. Micah Kai Finlay Flynn Sawyer Aaron Adrian Dakota Alexis Jude Jace Corbin Rowan
    4. Spencer Avery Emmett Elliot Brennan Quinn Quincy Brooke Ashton Rhys Reece

    family3surname: Laurence Kendrick Alden Reeve O'Keefe Marlow
    family3parents: Initials: SHR DMN CLK HVE ALO HRT NIZ (Note: you don't have to use the last initial)
    1. Ebba Libba Orla Patience Paula Paulina Paris Phoebe Delphine Augusta Glory Noelle Eve
    2. Mariska Saskia Viveca Emelle Holiday Haven Valor Honor Merit Damara Joy Joyce Cordae
    3. Claren Marliss Janvier Etienne Elias Galen Phelan Sheridan Adria Adriel Bianca Callista
    4. Jemima Junia Judith Kacia Cassia Kai Sian Sean Seth Ash River Dallas August Blue Plum

    family4surname: You Choose
    family4parents initials: GLM RTG SHG EAI OEA AJB DDE
    1. Cypress Carmen Clarice Regina Raleigh Albany Dominique Wendell Tess Lou Ann Jo Faith
    2. Leland Leighton Justin Justus Jethro Jericho Brooks Ford Aric Quentin Roosevelt Willis
    3. Smith Emrys Keaton Cassian Vaughn Van Levi Beckett Wyatt Garrett Calvin Bryant Davis
    4. Carmichael Patrick Darren Kensington Hawthorne Hugh London Harris Phillip Peter Parker

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    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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