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Thread: Guess the names

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    Guess the names

    I got this idea from a post on Facebook and thought it looked fun.

    The idea is that you post the names of your children without the vowels, and then the next person has to try and guess their names?

    For example if your children are named Bronte, Atticus and Seraphina you would write them as :

    BR_ NT_
    _TT_ C_ S and
    S_ R_ PH_ NA

    If you do not yet have children you can just use some names from your list, or maybe from a family member/ sibset you know. Feel free to use middle names too, but if you do so please state that in your post and then list the names under one another for easy clarification.

    I'll go first. I don't have children yet so I am using the names of some children in my family - firsts and middles:

    R_B_K_H - T_YL_R
    S_M_ _ L - J_S_ _ H
    L_LLY - _S_B_LL_
    CHL_ _ - A_ _A

    *The above names are not actually hyphenated- it was the only way I could seem to get spaces between the first and middle names*

    The game keeps going as long as people keep playing I guess. It will be fun to check back and see if people get the names right.
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    Rebekah Taylor
    Samuel Josiah
    Lilly Isabelle
    Chloe Anna

    Firsts and middles!

    M_D_LYN - _L_N_
    M_DD_X - _L_ _S
    M_L_S - _ST_B_N

    carrigan ruth, 16, infp, ravenclaw

    melody alice, allie cosette, mary autumn, gemma vivian, maya haven

    seamus arthur, edgar remus, darcy james, leo titus, romeo cassius

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    Madelyn Alana
    Maddox Elias
    Miles Esteban

    M_ _GH_N - K_L_
    S_NJ_N - _NT_N_
    R_L_Y - M_R_ _
    M_R_SS_ - _TH_N_
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Lula Daisy - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Mabel Rose - Vesper Elemmírë - Aubrey Cerys - Lyla Winter

    Nico Fallon - River Jackson - Everett Madden - Arthur Owen - Emerson Grey
    Patton Osiris - Clyde Atlas - Mason Blake - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Ryan - Koda - Lincoln - Harrison - Jonas / Sophie - Marnie - Luna - Verne - Laurel


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    Meghan Kala
    Sinjin Antony
    Riley Marie
    Marissa Athena

    First & Middles
    Th_ _d_r_-J_ck
    _v_r_tt-W_ll_ _m

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    Theodore Jack
    Nora Elizabeth
    Everett William

    J_m_ _-D_n_ _ll_
    H_nn_h-M_r_ _
    Dyl_n-L_ _
    J_sm_n_-F_ _th

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