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    CAF with uncommon names

    Below is a list of names that are more on the uncommon side, at least in my part of the world Have fun and play as many times as you like, creating different name combinations.

    LN: Your choice

    DH: (47)
    DW: (44)

    DS: (17)
    DD: (16)
    DD: (14)
    DS: (11)
    DD: (9)
    DS: (6)

    Amethyst, Amity, Andie, Calliope, Cassia, Cosette, Eartha, Edith, Evadne, Gretel, Ingrid, Jancee, Jetta, Juniper, Lemon, Lola, Magda, Meg, Nadia, Pepper, Prairie, Quenby, Sixx, Tansy, Tuesday, Tulip, Uma, Veruca, Victoire, Wednesday, Xanthipe, Zelda

    Boys: Coyote, Darwin, Dexter, Early, Elan, Ezra, Foxx, Holden, Howell, Ignacio, Ivor, Jagger, Jensen, Larson, Luther, Mo, Nash, Naven, Nicodemus, Paris, Pool, Raleigh, Rollo, Thaddeus, Thames, Thane, Thorn, Uriah, Wade, Wesley, Yancy, Zacharias

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    LN: Rosethorn

    DH: (47) Early Holden Rosethorn
    DW: (44) Calliope Edith (Holsapple) Rosethorn

    DS: (17) Jagger Mo Rosethorn
    DD: (16) Lola Jancee Rosethorn
    DD: (14) Tansy Pepper Rosethorn
    DS: (11) Paris Pool Rosethorn
    DD: (9) Veruca Andie Rosethorn
    DS: (6) Wade Thames Rose thorn

    The Rosethorns

    Early & Opie with Jagger, Lola, Tansy, Paris, Ruca, & Wade

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    LN: Thorn

    DH: Ezra Jensen (47)
    DW: Andie Cosette (44)

    DS: Holden Raleigh (17)
    DD: Calliope Eartha (16)
    DD: Cassia Nadia (14)
    DS: Wesley Nash (11)
    DD: Magda Victoire (9)
    DS: Nicodemus Howell (6)

    Ezra and Andie Thorn with Holden, Callie, Cassia, Wes, Maggie, and Nico
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