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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Firstly the nameberryites are going to say that some of these names are very popular and that it may deter you from using them. I do not necessarily agree that popular means don't use it, after all Ava is right at the top of my list!

    Emma Louise and

    Chloe Angeline
    Isabel Charlotte
    Alyssa Jane
    Cecily Anne
    Celia Rose
    Jacqueline Kate
    Laura Grace
    Miranda Lily
    Sophie Grace
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Quote Originally Posted by triciamay1306
    Thanks, everyone! You guys give terrific advice ! :)

    My husband has suddenly soured on Isabel & Rachel.. so it's down to Miranda, Katie and Laura! Wooo!
    Hi there...I can see Emma with a sister named Katie Lynne or Laura Elizabeth.

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    My vote goes for Emma and Kathleen (Katie)..
    followed closely by Emma and Laura. Both are lovely..hard to decide between the two..good luck (:

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