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    1: At the tender age of 20 you're in your last year of college and are engaged to be married to a wonderful and supporting man. Life is going good for you and you're about to start a new job in the journalism field! When the phone rings you eagerly answer, but it's not the call you're expecting... Your fiancée rushes to your side as you erupt into tears, your mother was in a car accident and pronounced dead at the scene. After much consideration and support from your family you decide that your marriage will take place as planned, on your wedding night you conceive your first child, a baby girl. And in naming her you both decide to honor your mother, what's this miracle's name?

    2: Three years after your daughter is born you and your husband are happily married and comfortable with where you are in life. You begin trying for a baby, and eight months later, days before your daughter's fourth birthday you find out you're pregnant with fraternal boy/girl twins. When they arrive the little girl has a hole in her heart, and is barely alive, while your little boy is small but healthy. After months in the hospital and two surgeries, your daughter accompanies you home to join the family. The doctor tells you that if your son and daughter had not switched positions with one another in the womb during your second trimester your little girl's organs wouldn't have developed enough to enable her to live. Knowing this, what do you name your little blessings?

    3: Two years after the twins arrive you and your husband are ready to try for just one more baby but after a few rounds of IVF the doctor tells you that it may just not be in the cards for you. Immediately upon hearing this you put yourselves on an adoption list, the next year, you welcome home a baby boy from Korea with dark brown eyes, hair to match, and warm, charming features. What do you name this little one?

    4: Happy with four lovely children now aged 7, 3, and 14 months you and your husband decide to settle down and even move a little closer to his side of the family. After a few months in your new home you and your family make fast friends with many of your neighbors so when your best friend, a struggling young woman, aspiring to be a teacher like yourself, asks you to help name her child, you're honored beyond words. She tells you that she loves your taste and would like you to pick something that you feel suits the baby when it's born. The little girl arrives as the picture of perfection with soft, feminine features, wispy white-blonde curls, big blue eyes and a fighting spirit, what's this little cutie's name?

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