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  • Arden Lisette Tsai

    30 68.18%
  • Apolline Snow Tsai

    14 31.82%
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    Re: Down to two names, help!

    I voted for Apolline. Polly is an adorable nn too.

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    Re: Down to two names, help!

    Thanks for the thoughts so far!

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    Re: Down to two names, help!

    I don't like Appoline at all it sounds very strange and clunky to my ears and I have trouble getting my tongue around it.

    I think Arden is a lovely name and teamed with Lisette is a beautiful combo.
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    Re: Down to two names, help!

    I voted for Apolline Snow! Such beautiful names both of them, and so much more feminine than Arden! Also, Lisette with the last name Tsai doesn't really sound too good since the sounds are so similar.
    Arden is also a name that I predict will get increasingly popular in the next 5 years, maybe even to the top 100. The eternally unique Apolline has so much character most people will never dare use it themselves, just admire the people who have the courage to which I think is awesome!! There's also the wonderful nickname of Polly coming from Apolline where Arden doesn't seem to have any nicknames (Den?)...

    You just have to use Apolline!! ^^

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    Re: Down to two names, help!

    I love Arden Lisette and would love Arden Snow, too!

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