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    Re: Is Eden too weird?

    Quote Originally Posted by kansasjill
    I've always loved the name Eden and found out a couple weeks ago that we are having another girl. After narrowing down our list we're definately leaning toward this name which I've always thought of as being very old and biblical.....and also very pretty. What appeals to me is that it's not a "made up"'s just an old, pretty name that you don't hear of all the time. (I'm totally weird about names being somewhat traditional yet my child not being one of 4 in their class. I have Stuart, William, Gretchen and now Eden?)
    My dilema is, most of the time when someone asks me what we're going to name her and I say, "We're thinking of Eden." they look at me like I'm nuts or just totally out there.
    Is this name too unusual? I didn't think it was and now I'm starting to wonder.
    I think Eden is a beautiful name, and not at all weird. You could also use it for a middle name.

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    Re: Is Eden too weird?

    I think Eden is beautiful, and thought seriously about naming our second girl Eden. My hubby loved Audrey and that's what we picked, but I even tried to put Eden with Audrey, Audrey Eden, but the flow didn't work for me. Anyway, it is beautiful and timeless.

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    Re: Is Eden too weird?

    I have a friend whose daughter is named Eden and it never struck me as odd. In fact, I think it's growing in popularity. Her Eden often goes by Edie ("Ee-dee") which is really cute too.

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    Re: Is Eden too weird?

    I love it...I am not one of those who find names "weird" if they are not in the top 100.
    I think your daughter would grow up loving her name. It is very pretty and uncommon so an excellent name. Edie is such an adorable nn too..

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    Re: Is Eden too weird?

    I love Eden. I think it is beautiful! we even considered it, but I am from the deep south, and I do not like the way my family pronounces it, other than that- Gorgeous, not common pick!!
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