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    Follow the Letter

    There are many First to Last Girl - and Boy - name games, but this is different. This is called "Follow the Letter", which - sort of - sounds like "follow the leader", which I used to play tremendously when I was in school as a little girl. . . . Here are the few rules:

    1) I will start with a boy name and offer a nickname for the boy. I will include a middle and last name.
    2) The next person has to present a GIRL name, with the same last initial of the first name of the BOY in front of her, and the middle name, and the last name. The nickname DOES NOT have to be the same last initial as the BOY in front of her.
    3) It continues, all the while: BOY, GIRL, BOY, GIRL. . . .

    Here is the BOY name: first, middle, last, and nn:

    Joffrey Sage Ford - Frey

    Next person selects a GIRL first, middle, last, and nickname.

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    Eliot Ethan Edwards - Eli

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    Melissa ~ Mummy Bee (Stepmum) to Bethany

    Gιяℓѕ ηαмєѕ ι ℓσνє
    Amélie, Bronwyn, Callista, Eden, Emmeline, Imogen, Liliana, Magdalena, Rosalie, Verity, Xanthe.

    вσуѕ ηαмєѕ ι ℓσνє
    Alexander, Benjamin, Declan, Keiran, Nathaniel, Niall, Sebastian, Tobias, William 'Liam', Zachary.

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    Nolan Elijah Whinner - Nolan E
    Life is too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.
    - Charlotte Bronte via Jane Eyre

    Crushes:Marcheline and Antheia

    Eloise India Story. Rosamund Margot May. Violet Calpurnia Bea. Elizabeth Adelaide Primrose.

    Finnian August Fox. Theodore Jonas Sterling. Gideon Asa Charles. Calum Jacoby Robin.

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    Midwestern USA
    Natalia Hope Rudzik -Talia

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