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    Name for baby girl


    I am due in 4 weeks and my husband and I both really like the name pronounced ("Mar-lease")...I cannot decide on the spelling. Do you think it should be Marlys, Marlyse, or Marlise.

    Also any suggestions for a middle name would be great too!


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    Re: Name for baby girl

    I would think of your options Marlise would be the most phonetically accurate, but I'm also thinking that Marliese (similar to Anneliese) might work better.

    It's a very pretty name, and I'm more than slightly jealous that you and your husband agree on such a great name! :)

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Name for baby girl


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    Re: Name for baby girl

    One more vote for Marlise. What a lovely name!

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    Re: Name for baby girl

    I would say Marlise as Mar-lease, the others I would say as Mar-lis. You could also spell it Marlese and avoid the posibility of the Mar-lice pronounciation. I think a one syllable middle name would sound best with this name. Something simple like Bay, Rose or Ann (even though these are a little generic, I still like them)

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