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Thread: Rhea and Gaia

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I'd say Ree-ah and Guy-ah.

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I don't know about Rhea but I pronounce Gaia as Guy-uh. Congrats!

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    congrats! i love ruby, but why these 2 names? just curious. in my mind they both have unfavorable other word associations...
    texan mama to Frank Reagan "Frankie", Christopher James "CJ", and Ginger Grace "Gigi"

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I would pronounce Rhea as Ree uh because I knew a girl named Rea who pronounce it this way.

    Gaia I initially read as gay-uh because it reminded me of Jaia (jay-uh), the name of another girl I knew. However, once I saw the option of guy-uh, that's how I see it.

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    Congratulations, Disa! :-)

    I pronounce Rhea as ree-uh (like Rhea Pearlman from "Cheers" pronounces her name), and Gaia as guy-uh.

    Take care! :-)

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