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    The spellings that you have do look a little made up but i like the spellings Brynleigh Brynley Brynlee Brinleigh

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    I don't know, I think Brynnleigh looks really ridiculous and made up. I think it's just too many letters or something. I see your predictament, though, because you want to honor the Leigh in your family. I have to say, though, I prefer the Brinley spelling. And Brynn on it's own really is a lovely first name. It doesn't really seem like what you want, but I do think that Brynn Leigh or Brynna Leigh are nice as first/middle names. Good luck!

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    I think Brynn Leigh as a double first is way better than Brinley, Brynnleigh, or Brynnlee. The other spellings do look made up. Your way, Brynn Leigh acknowledges that both are actual names.

    If you're looking for reasons not to go with the double first, the only good one I can think of in this case is the possibility that people might forever be trying to hyphenate it or spell it one of these other ways.

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