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    Re: Nn Van full name?

    Evander immediately came to my mind, too. I think it works better than Donovan, Sullivan, or Evan because the "van" part is stressed in Evander, making it seem like a natural nickname.

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    Re: Nn Van full name?

    I like both names, they are underused and sound cool. Van is a full name but since you want something longer, Vance or Evander would work. Vaughn is the spelling I like best.

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    Re: Nn Van full name?

    I like Sullivan and Evander, but I think the nickname Van feels most natural for Evander, because the 'van' part is stressed.
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    Re: Nn Van full name?

    The first names that came to my mind were Sullivan, Evan and Ivan

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    Re: Nn Van full name?

    I agree with Jill... go with Evan.

    Funny story, actually. I have neighbors who have a 3 year old little boy named Evan. The dad wanted to name him Van because it sounded cool with their last name. So his wife compromised and they named him Evan. He's the cutest little boy, and his dad calls him Van sometimes.

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