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Thread: HELP!

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    Re: HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    From your list, I love Cora (one of my favorites) and Ciel.

    I think that Sawyer and Finn are too Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn together.

    Thanks. I do agree about Sawyer & Finn, but my husband is not letting go of Finn so easily.

    Water-related names:

    Coralie: Love Coralie. Thanks!
    Hudson: Love Hudson.

    Literary names:

    Dashiell: Love Dashiell.
    Archer: This is a cool name.
    Bennett: Love Bennett, but don't like the nn Ben.
    Quillen: Interesting.


    Annabel: I love Annabel.
    Scarlett: Love Scarlett. Husband does not. :(

    Random names I can picture with Sawyer and August:

    Everett: Love Love Everett
    Griffin (nn Finn) Love Griffin and great way to get to Finn. Thanks!

    Names that remind me of Isla's feminine feel:

    Aurora: Love Aurora.

    Love Penelope too and would never have thought of the nickname Lola. Thanks!

    Good luck! :-) Thank you for all of your suggestions Jill.

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    Re: HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by lemon
    I think that Coraline "Cora" Bronte would be beautiful, and it combines everything you are looking for in a name. I think that Sawyer, August, Isla, and Coraline are very nice together, unless you wanted all the names to have the same syllables. I do think that Sawyer and Finn are too similar, even if you use Finley, and I don't think Kai fits in with the semi-classic feel of August and Sawyer.

    Thanks for your opinions. I don't know about Coraline though. I think of the book and the button eyes. :)

    Some others:

    Tallulah - I love Tallulah and the nn Lula.
    Avalon - I like this.

    Ronan - This is a cool name.

    Some great author names for either gender:

    Like these.


    A good name is dependent on your last name, but my favorites are Coraline "Cora" Bronte, Avalon "Ava" Ciel, Avari "Ari" Tallulah, Dylan Shaw, Austen Sorley, and Ronan Beckett...
    Thanks Lemon!

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    Re: HELP!

    It posted my reply to lemon twice and can't delete.

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    Re: HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by dearest
    I'm not too good with these types of names, but Bryony, Junia and Soleil came to mind...
    I'll twist my brain for some more later :)
    Thanks dearest. I like Soleil.

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    Re: HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by lucy
    How about Cora Bronte?

    And I think both Kai and Finn work. Maybe Finn can be Finnian or Finley. Or if the Finn/Sawyer thing really bothers you, how about Quinn and then find a Hawaiian/Australian/water/nature name for his middle.
    I like Quinn. Thanks!

    I have Cora Bronte on my list of possibles. Great minds think alike. :)

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