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    I'm from the UK, I'm 15 nearly 16. I've been a name-nerd for about 18 months (constantly creating family name sets :3) but have loved names for much longer than that. Some names I love at the minute are:
    - Elizabeth, Matilda, Arianna, Clara, Lydia, Anneliese, Charlotte, Katherine, Ophelia and Genevieve for girls.
    - Tobias, Hugo, Luca, Benjamin, Alastair, Oliver, Sebastian, Nicholas, Elijah and Jude for boys.
    - Avery, Cameron, Darcy, Delaney and Eden on either gender.
    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

    Alice Jayne | Azalea Juliet | Charlotte Ophelia
    Elizabeth Blythe | Poppy Artemis

    Archer William | Henry Tobias | Leo Alexander
    Rowan Elijah | Theodore Michael

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    Love so many of the names here!

    My favourite names completely depend on my mood but at the moment:

    Beatrix Loretta Pearl
    Mabel Ann Margaret
    Edith Wilhelmina Snow

    Augustus Gabe Viggo
    Nathaniel Arthur Haze
    Everett Louis North
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    This is totally me! I'm 20 now, but I first started loving names when I was 12...and my top girl name is still the same: Alba.

    No one in my family understands, since my parents chose my sister's name and mine on a whim. I can't tell you the number of times I've forced them to listen to my new top ten list!

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    I'm 20 and I've been obsessed with names since I joined my first roleplay game (lol I was kind of a geek back then). My favourite part has always been naming my characters! I'm not planning on having kids anywhere soon (not untill 26, at least!), but I already got their names picked out lol. I'm brazilian, and we don't give middle names, which makes things both easier and less exciting. So, my daughters will be Clara, Vivian, Alice, Antonia or Beatriz, and my son will be Tomas or Felix - nowhere near my characters guilty pleasures names. My 2 year BF almost runs in despair whenever I try to find the names he likes, and my parents immediatly start asking me if I'm pregnant whenever I'm on the naming subject lol.

    @miriannco, I love your combo of Edith Wilhelmina Snow! Gorgeous.

    My favourite combos are

    Margo Wilhelmina Jane
    Greta Faye
    Amalia Dex
    Vivian Faith
    Imogen Aella
    Beatrix Amalia Rose
    Louisa Josephine
    Georgia Beatrix
    Ella Genevieve
    Edith Sophia Wren
    Caitlin Primrose (prn the irish way, Coitlin)
    Annabel Laetitia Rose (Bell)
    Eve Rosamund (Evie)
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    Caroline. 22 year old from Brazil.

    ____ _ _ __Clara Genevieve | Louisa Peridot | Lydia Primrose | Vivian Lark | Marina Beatrix
    ____Henry Vale | Thomas Fox | James Valentine | Theodore Leaf | Alexander Tadhg

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