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    I'm 16 and definitely a name-loving teen. Even frome when I was like eight I was always coming up with names and name combos I was going to name my kids some day (thankfully, for the sake of my future children, my tastes have changed!). Some of my current favorites are:

    Kylie Amelia Jane
    Willow Addison Noel
    Piper Calla Mary

    Jack Eli Dale
    Brandt Theodore William
    Cooper Gabriel Leo

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    I'm a teen all of my favourite names are in my signature. I also am beginning to adore Cosette, Merida, Lena, and Phoebe, Willow and Hazel.
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    An extremely name obsessed teenager . My all-time favourites are .....
    Girls: Ella Juliette, Aurora Niamh, Aria Laurel , Evangeline Lilac, Anastasia Primrose, Adeline Louisa, Hermione Clara, Penelope Bohème, Genevieve Alouette , Bridget Rosalie, Vivian Lark, Fiona Miette, Whimsy Isolde
    Boys: Gabriel Finnick, Luca Marius , Elias Benjamin, Ezra Miles, Reid Elijah, Peregrine Forrest, Augustus Barnaby, Louis Metias, Montgomery Theodore

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    I'm eighteen and also obsessed with names. I have friends that are interested in baby names as well, but no where to the extent that I am, haha.

    Current favorites:
    Charlotte Belle (Charlotte has always been my favorite baby name, and I adore Belle as well!)
    Emilia Alice
    Clara Eve

    Jack Elias
    Henry Caspian
    Only 19 but a name lover!

    Top Five:Charlotte Belle,Emilia Alice,Clara Eve,Norah Lucille,and Adelaide/Adeline Pearl
    Other Favorites:Violet Isabelle,Lucy Arwen, Lila Josephine, Olive Beatrix,Amelie Sophia, Audrey Catherine,Louisa Caroline,Eliza Maeve,and Matilda Sophie
    Henry Caspian, Rory Philip,Asher Flynn, Jack Elias, and Gideon James

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    It's a long time since my teens, and I began my obsession with names in my pre-teen years. I even went to the extent of naming pot plants!!! I also wrote stories in my teens and loved making up characters' names.

    I've loved names all along. I still like a lot of favourites from that time and now there are other names I fancy as naming trends have changed.

    It's interesting to see my brother's name (Henry) become so popular, as well as a cousin's (Theodore). These names were pretty much unheard of in those days (my brother born in 1965 and my cousin in 1956). Poor Henry was teased a lot for his name at school, but now it is getting more common and so many people seem to like it.

    I always fantasised about having a different name as I always felt my FN, 2 MNs, and SN with 3-3-4-3 syllables each were rather unwieldy...then 7 years ago I did just that - but to quite a different name from the ones I used to imagine in my pre-teen and younger years.

    This is such a great site for inspiration and I imagine if I was a teenager now, I would be so excited to see a site like this, as there was nothing this extensive available back in my day.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE names! I dream of them day & night! I just turned 15 last month!

    My name combos at the moment are: Grace Helena, Annabella Pearl, Vivien Lila, Scarlett Athena, Astrid Olivia and Isla Frances for girls and Elias Dominic, Asher Sebastian, Mason Christopher and Fisher Graham for boys!

    I hope to meet some other name loving teen just like me soon!
    A girl named Chastity who is a teenberry name addict!


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