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    Hi everyone!

    I've found myself settling into college a lot better now, and I've learned that I now have to start a Wordpress site as a part of school in the next term. I decided to get myself a bit of a headstart, and I began a site of my own, so I can continue with my writing and my blogging.

    I've got two posts up currently and would love some feedback, comments, views, suggestions for new posts, etc.

    There's a comments section on the site, so if you'd rather comment there, please do! I'm working on a Requests page now, but until then, if you have any suggestions for posts, please PM me

    {Martha. Lucy. Charlotte. Rose. Betsy. Evelyn. Pearl. Violet. Ada. Iris. Maude}
    {Elsie. Florence. Doris. Beatrice. Lillian. Minnie. Mabel. Daisy. Elizabeth. Eleanor.}
    {James. George. Henry. Andrew. Charlie. Daniel. Ernest. Matthew. Patrick. Walter.}
    {John. Christopher. Thomas. William. Winston. Hugo. Lachlan. Jack. Freddie. Albert.}

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