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Thread: WYR w1 Round 3

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    WYR w1 Round 3

    Choose 2 options for each gender

    Would you rather name your son:

    1. Frederick Anthony Major
    2. Charlie Robert
    3. Henry Richard
    4. Samuel Oliver Felix
    5. Orlando Alexander

    Would you rather name your daughter:

    1. Isla Violet
    2. Rose Josephine
    3. Audrey Camilla Hester
    4. Madeleine Poppy
    5. Scarlett Lydia Louise
    Trends, styles and quirks of British names:

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    Hannah, 16. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Gryffindor, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

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    Winner: Samuel Oliver Felix
    Runner Up: Orlando Alexander

    Winner: Madeleine Poppy
    Runner Up: Isla Violet
    -- Aimee --

    Margaret, Clara, Genevieve, Felicity, Niamh, Eloise, Adeline, Delaney, Fiona, Isabelle, Cassia

    Dean, Asher, Leon, Rowan, Spencer, Gideon, Gabriel, Logan, Alexander, Ezra, Jordan

    GPs: Ophelia, Keziah, Magnolia, Xanthe, Bailey, Darcy, and Kiernan

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    Winners: Henry Richard and Rose Josephine
    Runners up: Charlie Robert and Isla Violet
    (I am not a double middle name fan)

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