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    Help the parents! Name Game

    Okay this is my first name game (at least like this. )
    I'll start by describing some parents and their preferences. Then you give a first and middle name for their child. After that, make up another set of parents for the next person to help. It doesn't have to be realistic, either. This is only a game.

    Reigna and Paul are the parents of boy girl twins, with their third child on the way.Their boy Iis named Equinox, and their girl is Solstice.They want the gender of their third child to be a surprise so they need a name for a boy and and a girl. They want something unique and strong,dand they love nature names. The baby will most likely have red hair.What name should they pick?
    I'm just gonna play Baby Name Games for a while.

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    Asher Forrest or Asher Violet

    Elizabeth Rose & Joseph Henry are a traditional couple. They have a 7-year-old daughter named Grace Sophia & a 3-year-old son named Theodore Atticus. For their third child, they are looking for an equally elegant, vintage name. They want to keep the gender a surprise, but the initials have to be EJ, for Elizabeth & Joseph's names.
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    Emmett Joel or Eleanor Jane.

    Harrison Grant & Matilda Anne are a somewhat traditional couple. They are expecting their 6th child. Their oldest is Micah Nathaniel (aged 8). Then they have twins Piper Evelina & Simon Theodore (aged 6). Their fourth child is 3 year old Faith Annaliese. And their 5th is 1 year old Jenna Madeleine. They are keeping the gender a surprise, but either way they want the first name to be exactly 5 letters long. They would like the middle name to be either either classic, or a slight variation of a classic name.
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    Riley Noah

    Xavier Jay and Lottie (Charlotte) Rose are a free-spirited, unmarried bohemian couple having their first baby, a girl. Her first name needs to have a hipster feel, and her middle needs to be a nature name.

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