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    DH: William FredericWill
    DW: Camille FrancescaCamille
    DD1: Marguerite GiselleMaggie
    DD2: Adele MarieAdele
    DS1: Nicolas LeopoldNic

    Will & Camille: Maggie, Adele, & Nic

    DD1: Marguerite GiselleMaggie
    DH: Charles HenryCharley
    DS: Leo RudolphLeo
    DD: Katherine JosephineKatie
    DD: Amelie GeorginaMia

    Maggie & Charley: Leo, Katie, & Mia

    DD2: Adele MarieAdele
    DH: Sean ThomasSean
    DS/DD: Richard KellenRich” / Rosalie CharlotteRosie

    Adele & Sean: Rich, & Rosie

    DS1: Nicolas LeopoldNic
    DW: Hannah CelesteHannah
    DD: Rebecca MelisandeBecca

    Nic & Hannah: Becca

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