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Thread: Family Names

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    Family Names

    Just curious....I have some odd names for the younger members of my extended family and I'm wondering if everyone else does too =) So I'm going to include their names and ages of all the people under 30 in my family =) I'm curious as too everyone elses....

    Aubrey Zanelle (29)
    Kate Ashley (26)
    Christine Ardath (25)
    Samantha Carol (25)
    Kara Koryn (24)
    Jason Albert (22)
    Rebekah Evelyn (19)
    Leonard John (19)
    Cameron John (19)
    Gabriel Leroy (19)
    Ashleyrose Louise (18)
    Christopher Martin (18)
    Rachel Elizabeth (17)
    Czeslaw Alexander (16)
    Winston Lawrence (16)
    Sarah Joy (16)
    Destiney Ann (16)
    David Joseph (15)
    Kimberly Ann (15)
    Kimberly Michelle (15)
    Zachary Francis (15)
    Jillian Annaline (14)
    Matthew John (14)
    Olivia Maree (13)
    Nicholas James (13)
    Matthew Brian (13)
    Jacob Harris Tyler (12)
    Rhianna Louise (11)
    Alexander John (11)
    Christopher Robyn (9)
    Blaine Timothy (9)
    Tabitha Louise (8)
    Jayden James (8)
    Camryn Joshua (8)
    Zipporah Nightingale (7)
    Nicholas Lyle (7)
    Payton Auden & Chandler Jason (6)
    Makayla Raine (6)
    Ireland Skylark (5)
    Rosaleigh Eleanore (5)
    Hannah Louise (5)
    Jeddaya Grace Rail (4)
    Sara Elizabeth (3)
    Tessa Mary Joyce (2)
    Abigail Mary (1)
    Hayden James (1)

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    Re: Family Names

    ps these are just my a few of my first cousins....and the rest are my other first cousins kids lol

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    Re: Family Names

    EDD June 6th 2015 with our first baby.

    Girl Crushes: Rosalie, Isabella, Evangeline, Ophelia, Emmeline, Clementine, Indiana, Poppy, Willa, Bronte, Arden, Susannah, Matilda, Audrey, Mattea, Luna, Tully, Caroline, Eve, Harlow, Adelaide, Josephine, Alexandra, Tallulah + Violet.

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    Re: Family Names

    Under 30s in my family (my children, nephews, nieces & cousins' kids) are:

    Daniel Glen (15)
    Timothy Austin (13)
    Rebecca Jane (11)
    Scott Alan (23)
    Lisa Claire (21)
    David Brian (18)
    Andrew Walter (6)
    Emily Faye (3)
    Sophie Lee (20)
    Anthony Jackson (11)
    Daniel Lee (8)
    Cela Rachel (7)
    Amelia Lee (8)
    Faye Claire (27)
    Frank Hahn (24)
    Liesl (mn?) (0)
    Lauren Elise (24)
    Jameson Garth (20)
    Randy Vaughn (28)
    Jeffrey Allen (would be 23)
    Ryan Louis (7)
    Brennan Alexander (4)
    Jessie Elizabeth (28)
    Rachel Lauren (16)
    Nathaniel Alan (13)
    Farran Susan (18)
    Emily Jane (12)
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Re: Family Names

    Here are some from my family. I'll separate by family and include parents or other significant people...

    PARENTS: James Boyd and Jolene Marie
    Benjamin Alexander "Ben" (22)
    Sarah Price (19)
    Lauren Elyse (19)

    PARENTS: Deborah Sue "Debbie" and Steven "Steve"
    Angela Sue "Angie" (24) - Shea, her fiance
    Amy Lynn (21)
    Curtis Steven (15)

    PARENTS: James "Jim" and Mary Beth
    Caitlin Elizabeth (20)
    Spenser Mary (18)
    Sydney Hert (13)
    Ross James (7)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

    Boy Combinations: Archer Solomon James, Ronan Charles Bennett, Everett Hawthorn Thomas
    Girl Combinations: Phoebe Marietta Pearl, Clara Daphne Eloise
    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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