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    Blended Families Compromise Game

    Create a blended family. List two single parents who have married and want to have a kid together. The next player comes up with a name to fit both of the parents styles.

    Let's start with my example.

    His son is named Bladen Axel.
    Her daughter is Evangeline Ophelia.

    They are expecting a girl. What should they call her?
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    They should call her Isla Briton.

    His son is Josef Alexander Luis.
    Her son is Brendan Levi.

    They are expecting a son. What should they call him?
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    They should name him Christopher Lane.

    His Daughter Eleanor "Ellie" Isadora.
    Her Daughter Kayleigh Quincy.

    They are expecting a daughter. What should they name her?
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    They should name her Zoey Shannon.

    His Daughter: Dulcinea Katherine
    Her Daughter: Liv Piper

    They are expecting a little boy.

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    They should name him Gabriel Lucas.

    His daughter: McKenzie Samantha
    Her daughter: Genevieve Fleur

    They are expecting a girl.
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