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    CAF: Jan. 26, 2016

    (As you can tell, I love making these!)

    LN: Crow, Colter, Zay, Bee, Exton

    DH: Chayse, Bear, Frost, Phoenix, Angelo
    DW: Annalyn, Finn, Liberty, Marguerite, June
    DS1: Dwight, Hector, Jax, Sam, Rex
    DS2: Felix, Riley, Ace, Mark, Christian
    DS3: Anthony, Asher, Jasper, Howard, Donald
    DS4: Arthur, Gordon, Cooper, Knox, Leo
    DS5/DD1: Jaymes, Adam, Timothy, Paul, Nathaniel//Presley, Joey, Summer, Dallas, Avery
    DS6: Ford, Lincoln, Jude, Ellison, Coy
    DS7: Jayson, Otto, Craig, Camden, Malachi
    DS8: Lyle, Lloyd, Levi, Eagle, Ethan

    D? (Expecting): Ashton, Phoenix, Bailey, Gray, Winter
    16 year old Name Lover. I go by Theodora or Phoenix.
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    DH: Phoenix Angelo Bee
    DW: Liberty June Zay
    DS1: Sam Rex Bee
    DS2: Felix Riley Bee
    DS3: Asher Howard Bee
    DS4: Leo Gordon Bee
    DS5/DD1: Nathaniel Adam Bee//Summer Avery Bee
    DS6: Jude Lincoln Bee
    DS7: Camden Otto Bee
    DS8: Ethan Levi Bee

    D? (Expecting): Bailey Winter Bee
    Aimee Keren ~ 16 ~ Reader ~ Swimmer

    Saskia ~ Isabelle ~ Emmeline ~ Juliette ~ Adeline ~ Aveline ~ Lila ~ Tessa ~ Delphine ~ Abigail ~ Livia ~ Lennon ~ Elodie ~ Lorelei

    Reid ~ Emerson ~ Declan ~ Dean ~ Logan ~ Brennan ~ Kellan ~ Bailey ~ August ~ Milo ~ Jesse

    Rory ~ Reese ~ Darcy ~ Finlay ~ Val

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    DH: Phoenix Angelo Exton
    DW: Annalyn June {Colter} Exton

    DS: Jax Dwight Exton
    DS: Felix Ace Exton
    DS: Jasper Howard Exton
    DS: Knox Gordon Exton
    DS: Adam Nathaniel Exton [twin]
    DD: Avery Dallas Exton [twin]
    DS: Lincoln Jude Exton
    DS: Camden Malachi Exton
    DS: Lyle Lloyd Exton
    D? Bailey Gray Exton
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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    21. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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