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    Red face Meet the Brownes! :D

    Meet the Brownes!

    The 14 members of the Browne Family live in "Honeysuckle Cottage" at Number 3 Lilliput Lane in Cuddleston!

    Below I have written a paragraph or two about each member of the GORGEOUS Browne Family! Please name each Family Member based on their descriptions!

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Father Browne is 43 and looks like a big, brown cuddly Teddy Bear! He is six foot two and has a broad barrel chest which is almost always encased in one of Mama Browne's furry brown jumpers. Mama Browne knits different coloured jumpers, scarves, gloves and hats for each member of her Family, and all of Father Browne's knitwear are the same Chocolate Brown colour as his curly mop of hair and bright shiny eyes!

    Father Browne spends his weekday mornings working as an Accountant at his Cousin's Firm, Browne and Cobb Chartered Accountancy, and his afternoons working in the Browne Family Garden, which consists of two immense plots of land next to and behind their cottage filled with every possible vegetable, herb and berry, and more than a dozen fruit trees.

    When he wants to relax, Father Browne likes tinkering in the Shed with his five oldest Lads and two middle Daughters, fixing cars and building Go-carts, home-made remote control aeroplanes, and crazy electronic gadgets which occasionally actually work! His favourite saying is, "Like I always say, 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained!'"

    He adores all twelve of his Children and loves giving them great BIG Bear Hugs!


    Mama Browne is 39 and quite tall and "cuddly in all the right places", as Father Browne loves to say! She has wavy, Honey Brown, medium length hair, warm Hazel browny-green eyes, and a softly freckled fair complexion.

    Mama Browne believes that Home Made and Home Grown are always best! She and her two eldest Daughters, and 11 year old Son, make all of the clothing for the Family. The entire Family helps out in the Garden and they all love cooking, baking and making jams, chutneys and preserves together to sell at the weekly Saturday Market in the Village Square!

    In keeping with Mama's "Home Grown" philosophy, the Brownes are proudly Home Schooling all 12 of their Children! Mama gives 8 of the oldest 10 Children their formal lessons in the morning, while two of the older Children take turns teaching the two littlest Brownes their colours and numbers, and the Alphabet. Then, in the afternoon, all of the Children pursue their own special interests or help out around the Cottage or in the Garden!

    When Mama gets a chance to relax she loves going to Old Style Dances with the Family! She also loves experimenting with making Perfumes from the flowers (which grow in the pretty Cottage Garden at the front of "Honeysuckle Cottage"), fruits, herbs and spices which grow in their Gardens! Her favourite scent so far is "Apple Pie" which combines Granny Smith Apples, Vanilla extract, ground Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg! Yummy!

    Mama's knitted clothes for herself are all Cherry Red!


    The Brownes' eldest Son is very sweet natured, kind, gentle, thoughtful, and caring. He likes to help out his younger Siblings in any way he can, and is loved by all of his Friends and Neighbours. At 18 he is only half a head shorter than his Father, and has short, wavy, dark brown hair and liquid amber eyes, with his Mama's fair complexion and heart face shape. He is slender, well built, and very handsome in an old fashioned way which really appeals to the three Daughters of the Baker who regularly go with their Parents to the same Old Style Dances as the Browne Family. The Baker's eldest Daughter, Sabrina, 16, has actually captured the heart of the Brownes' Oldest Child, but he is too shy to say anything to her.

    His favourite thing to do is work with his Father and 17 year old Brother on the Vintage 1939 Dodge 4 Door Sedan they are slowly restoring. His Mama makes everything for him in soft Periwinkle Blue.


    The Brownes' 17 year old Son is as handsome as his older Brother, but while his Brother's appeal comes from his warm personality, Son number 2 is fiery red hot! He is ambitious, competitive and extremely driven to succeed at all costs. He has his Father's nut brown complexion and wears his chestnut brown hair slicked back like the T-birds in Grease! He and his older Brother want to open up their own Old Style Garage and Diner one day, complete with poodle skirt wearing Waitresses and Garage Attendants in Leather Jackets. His Mama used to knit him things in British Racing Green, but now he only wears black, white and blue jeans, but he does regularly pick his Mama bunches of flowers from the Cottage Garden to let her know he still loves her!


    The Brownes' eldest Daughter is quietly determined to be perfect at everything she does! She is not in the least bit competitive, and is genuinely delighted when someone else does something better than her, as long as she knows that she has personally done her very best! She meticulously follows the patterns and recipes for everything that she makes, and wins the Apple Pie and Pavlova baking contests every year at all of the Country Fairs and Shows in the District!

    Her Mother always makes her knitted goods in Damask Rose and Dove Grey, to match her earnest grey eyes, and she almost always wears her long, straight, chocolate brown hair in a sensible plait down her back, to keep it out of the way of whatever she is sewing or baking! She dreams of owning her own Cake Shop and, at the tender age of 16, she is already well on the way to turning this dream into a reality because she has carefully saved up all of the prize money she has won since she was 8, as well as everything she has earnt from sales at the Village Market!


    Unlike her petite, pale complexioned older Sister, the Second Browne Daughter is tall and curvaceous, with rosy cheeks and a Peaches and Cream complexion! The bonny fifteen year old is far more impulsive and creative than her older Sister, and loves to add ribbons, frills and lace, or contrasting collars and cuffs, to everything she sews! Just like her older Sister, she wins First Prize in every Baking or Sewing contest she enters, but, unlike her Sister, she rarely enters the same contest twice, preferring to follow what her heart and her imagination are captivated by at the time!

    Her Mother knits everything for her in peach and pale pink, which looks gorgeous with her long, light Auburn hair and sparkling amber eyes! Her favourite thing in the whole world is Dancing, and she has several keen Suitors already vying for her attention who have started regularly attending the Old Style Dances in the hopes of dancing with her, although she is completely oblivious to their interest being in her rather than the dancing!


    The Brownes' 14 year old Son looks just like a younger version of his oldest Brother, but he hero worships his 17 year old Brother and tries to be just like him! He says he wants to be the Head Mechanic at their Garage when he grows up, but, in reality, he is much more interested in playing Soccer and Cricket with his Mates than he is in tinkering with cars. He does love helping make his Father's crazy inventions, though, and together they made the best Go-cart EVER! He also loves taste testing his older Sisters' baking creations! All of his knitwear is Cobalt Blue.


    "The Carrot Tops", as they are affectionately called, are thirteen year old identical Twin Boys with bright carrot orange, crazy wavy hair, twinkling bright blue eyes, and pale white skin covered in freckles! They are tall and lanky and always laughing!

    Identical in almost every way, they both LOVE Science, Maths, and inventing crazy new gadgets in the Shed with their Father! Their wildest creation was a hover-jet-backpack which sent one of them flying straight into the neighbour's hay barn! Their older Sisters have banned them from the Kitchen after they blew up the blender trying to make "Triple Nut, Sticky-date Toffee" in it, but everyone agrees that their Five Coloured Vegetables and Cream Cheese Pie was actually amazing, if only they had remembered to write down the recipe as they went along!

    The only real difference between the two Boys is that the older one is a gifted Violinist, while the younger one composes beautiful music on the Family's old upright Piano! The older Twin wears bright orange and forest green stripes, while the younger Twin wears bright orange and medium brown stripes!


    The Brownes' 11 year old Son is a COMPLETE contrast to his boisterous Twin Brothers, although he does share their carrot coloured hair! Gentle and quietly spoken, he loves sewing and dreams of being the Village Tailor one day! His skills at making trousers already surpass those of both his older Sisters, and he also makes prize winning Patchwork Quilts depicting exquisite forest, fantasy or countryside images! His own Patchwork Quilt on his bed in his tiny garret Bedroom depicts a glorious Purple and Gold Dragon flying above a forest blazing with vibrant Autumn colours! He loves all the colours of nature including the Caramel coloured knitwear his Mama makes him!


    Please see the next Post for the remaining four Family Members!

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    Second Half of "Meet the Brownes!" :D

    The Brownes' 9 year old Daughter is very bright and her passions are Science and Maths, in particular construction, engineering and Outer Space! She hopes one day she will be able to build a rocket ship fast enough and strong enough to travel beyond our galaxy! But for now she just loves spending her afternoons in the Shed working on Science experiments and Inventions with Father and the Boys! Her focused and meticulously accurate approach is the main reason why Father Browne's latest inventions have actually worked! Their favourite inventions are a Magnobot, which zips around the house picking up everyone's lost needles, thimbles, screws, keys, etc, and the Vacubot, which cleans up everything else afterwards! Mama is DELIGHTED!!

    Her Best Friends are her black Cat, Galileo, her Science Mad Home School Friend, Ravi Singh, and her 11 year old Brother, who is as quiet, gentle and serious as she is. She loves wearing her Mama's Magenta and white creations when she's out at night gazing through her telescope, or going on Adventures with Ravi! She is one of only two Browne Children with her Father's mop of chocolate brown curls and nut brown eyes! Her face is pale and oval and she is slight and a bit below average height for her age.


    "Little Miss Sunshine" is the nickname of the Brownes' 7 year old Daughter, and she certainly lives up to her name! Her favourite colours are Lollipop Pink and Sunshine Yellow, which are also the colours her Mama knits everything for her in! "Little Miss Sunshine" loves spending time with EVERYBODY in the Family! She loves watching her oldest Brothers working on their Dodge, and has already agreed to be the Head Waitress at their Diner! For her Seventh Birthday her oldest Brothers got her oldest Sisters to make her a bright yellow Poodle Skirt with a Lollipop Pink Poodle on it, and she LOVES it and always wears it when she visits the Shed! She also loves helping her oldest Sisters with their cooking, especially icing cakes and cupcakes, and assists her 9 year old Sister and the Twins with their Science experiments. Even her ultra cool 14 year old Brother likes sitting on the back steps and having a friendly chat with "Little Miss Sunshine", and the Littlies LOVE having Playtime with their imaginative older Sister! Her favourite "helping task" is working on her 11 year old Brother's Patchwork Quilts with him! She loves to find the PERFECT fabric for the section he is working on, and is terrific at colour matching fabrics and threads! As a way of thanking her, he made her an EXQUISITE Patchwork Quilt with a Princess in a pink and gold ballgown dancing in a garden filled with the most BEAUTIFUL flowers imaginable!! She LOVES it!! Dancing and dressing up, especially as a Princess, are her two favourite activities, and she looks like a miniature version of her gorgeous 17 year old Sister!


    Four years after they thought that their Family was complete, the Brownes got a huge surprise when Mama found out that she was three months pregnant!! Six months later an exquisitely pretty Baby Girl arrived with bright blue eyes and a sweet bald head! Two years on her head is covered in Golden blonde curls and she is a delightfully bright and cheeky little Cherub! She and her Baby Brother are inseparable Best Friends, and whenever she starts marching and singing her Baby Brother toddles along behind her and off they go adventuring!

    Mama Browne and her too oldest Sisters make all of Baby Girl's clothing in every shade of purple, and her favourite shoes are her strawberry covered gumboots! She LOVES being outside and working with Mama and Father in the Gardens!


    It was clear to everyone that Baby Girl would need a companion, so, six months after she was born, Mama was pregnant again with their very last child!! When Baby Boy was born he looked EXACTLY like his Father, and he has the same cheerful, bright, "absent-minded Professor" personality too! He has just started walking and loves to coo and goo in his own language which only Baby Girl can fully understand and explain! He looks ADORABLE in his Indigo blue clothes and little black boots!


    I hope you have enjoyed meeting and naming the Brownes as much as I enjoyed creating them! Once I have received ten or so replies I will try naming them myself using a selection of the names you have all suggested (giving credit to each Namer), along with a few of my own suggestions, if needs be, as I tried my very hardest not to name any of them in my head, but a few just insisted on having a particular name! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

    This is my first Nameberry Baby Name Game so please forgive me if I got anything wrong! If it looks like people are enjoying this Game then I will post another Family to name soon!

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    DH: Raphael Thomas Browne.
    DW: Veronica Molly Browne (Lewis).

    1. Benjamin Timothy "Ben" Browne, 18.
    2. Alexander Matthias "Alex" Browne, 17.
    3. Victoria Hope "Tori" Browne, 16.
    4. Emily Alexandra Browne, 15.
    5. Nicholas Daniel "Nick" Browne, 14.
    6. Christian Matthew "Chris" Browne, 13.
    7. Joshua Edward "Josh" Browne, 13.
    8. Aiden Patrick Browne, 11.
    9. Charlotte Rose Browne, 9.
    10. Hannah Daisy Browne, 7.
    11. Lily Adelaide Browne, 2.
    12. Brendon William Browne, 1.


    DH: Victor Michael Baker.
    DW: Beatrice Kathleen Baker (Kordell).
    1. Sabrina Leigh Baker, 16.
    2. Michaela Hope Baker, 13.
    3. Georgia Elizabeth Baker, 8.

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    Dad: BenjaminBenWade Browne
    Mom: Clementine Lily Browne

    DS: Emmett Beau Browne
    DS: DominickDomCarter Browne
    DD: Delilah Rose Browne
    DD: Everly Dahlia Browne
    DS: River Gregory Browne
    DS/DS: Brady Jett Browne & Grady Arlo Browne
    DS: James Valentine Browne
    DD: Hattie May Browne
    DD: TallulahLolaBelle Browne
    DD: Dulcie Violet Browne
    DS: BenjaminBenjiAbel Browne

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