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    Need a Nickname for Kennedy

    Having a baby girl, and we love the name Kennedy. I hate the nickname Kenny though... any suggestions?

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    Re: Need a Nickname for Kennedy

    Umm...Ken and Eddy are too masculine and I don't really see another one. Maybe Enny/Eny?? :)

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    Re: Need a Nickname for Kennedy

    Kay, KeeKee, Kadee, Dee, Dee-Dee, Nedee........thats all I can think of! But I do like the full name itself!

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    Re: Need a Nickname for Kennedy

    What aboud Edie (pronounced EE-dee not eh-dee)? This is a more feminine nn, usually used for Edith.

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    Re: Need a Nickname for Kennedy

    I know a Kennedy who is about 8 years old. They just call her Kennedy. I like that, I don't think there needs to be a nickname. Especially since its a girl, you don't want to call her Ken or Eddy. Kennedy is cute by itself

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