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    Names and their Meanings - Important or not?

    My mother named all of us 5 kids with the meanings of our names in mind. Ever since childhood, I have taken the meanings of both my first and middle names to heart, and they have truly become my identity. Because of this, I really take a hard look at the meanings of names before considering them for my children.

    Does anyone else have similar opinions to the meaning of names, or do you think that individuals can find a sense of identity beyond the meaning of their name, or in their name at all?

    For example, my name means "Free Spirit" and "Overcomer", and I have always felt that I already possess the strength to overcome hardship. One of the names I like, Everly, means "From the Boar Meadow". Would a girl named Everly feel disconnected to her name because of the meaning?

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    Re: Names and their Meanings - Important or not?

    Calvin, one of my absolute favorite names, means bald. I was a little deflated when I learned that. But it is still one of my top favorites, probably because I don't think "bald" when I hear it. I love cool meanings. These can be weird/cool meanings like Nova "chasing butterflies", classic/cool meanings like Margaret "pearl" and strong/cool meanings like Edmund "wealthy protector".
    Then there are meaning names. I named my first doll Charity, and have loved the name ever since. In these names the meaning is the name, and people think of that instead of any other images of it.
    I think you should how much meanings should decide when choose a name. I like nice meanings, but they're not a huge priority. If you are really into the meanings of names and want to give a son or daughter the gift of a great meaning, I think you can rate this over sound and style.
    Everly meaning "from the boar meadow" is not bad. I would feel connected to nature if I had this name.

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    Re: Names and their Meanings - Important or not?

    I used to adore the name Claudia until I learnt it meant lame.
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    Re: Names and their Meanings - Important or not?

    Name meanings are very important to me. I love all the names that mean lion! Names that mean some kind of a noun are my favorites, as long as I love the noun. But often I love adjective names. For example Sebastian means "majestic" in some baby books I have read. If you put two names together, one can mean an adjective and the other can mean a noun. Put the two together and you can get a name meaning that is really cool.

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    Re: Names and their Meanings - Important or not?

    The meaning of a name is of utmost importance to me, but that meaning can come from different places.

    For ex. my first name means "victory of the people" and I always liked that. But my middle name Marie technically means "bitter sea" but the more important meaning is that it was my grandmother's middle name.

    On the other hand, if as a parent you never stress a meaning, your child might never seek it out. I became obsessed with name meanings in 7th grade after reading "Lord Of The Flies" -- all the characters names match their personalities and role in the book. I thought that extra layer of "hidden" story-telling was so cool, and I was hooked but guaranteed my parents had no idea what my first name meant when they chose it.

    So while a name has to have a "meaning" that meaning can come from different places. I never understood giving a middle name just because it sounds cool. Sorry, my opinion. I really believe there should be more of a story than "oh, I just liked it".

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