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    Which Nickname? (Boys and Girls)

    The game is simple. One person will say a name and two nicknames, and the next person will choose between the two and provide options for a girl's name and a boy's name. For example, one person might say:

    John: Jack or Johnny?
    Mabel: May or Bell?

    And you might respond:

    Jack, May
    Theodore: Theo or Teddy?
    Alice: Allie or Lacy?

    The nicknames do not have to be conventional. You may make up nicknames for a name that doesn't usually have them, or make up nicknames that are not usually used for the name. So I'll start:

    Nathaniel: Nate or Nathan?
    Josephine: Jo or Josie?

    By the way, feel free to use the examples here if you're short on inspiration. Also, you may reuse names, nicknames, or both that other people have used, because most likely the person who responds will be different and will express a new, sometimes different, opinion.
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