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    Re: Susan: Queen of Nameberry! (A Tribute Thread)

    Dear Kashed 22,
    Thank you for saying such kind things about me! I am happy that you like the Outhip the Hipsters thread. Yes, aren't Phoebe, Lionel and Hollis great names? I'm glad you love them. Thank you for the opal and the camera. Here is a picture for you. Today I was standing on the sidewalk, and a dirty man in a black SUV came zooming the wrong way down a busy one-way street. All these cars honked at him and had to get out of the way
    Thanks for the lavender color.
    I love to read your posts, too.

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    Re: Susan: Queen of Nameberry! (A Tribute Thread)


    1. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about [name]Susan[/name]?
    She is so funny! - Thank you, Alexis!
    2. What name do you now love because of Susan?
    Anna - Yes, it is one of my very favorites. So warm and comfy.
    3. What gem most reminds you of Susan? (We'll add it to her crown...)
    Rubies - Thank you! Just love rubies, maybe they are my fave jewel.
    4. If you could send Susan a gift, what would it be, and why?
    Something funny, but subtle, cause' shes hilarious - I love funny presents.
    5. If Susan were a color, which would she be?
    Yellow, it makes people happy - that's so nice!
    You're the best, Susan! - So are you, Alexis!

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    Re: Susan: Queen of Nameberry! (A Tribute Thread)

    okay first of all REALLY?
    and i do love susan but you did NOT need to make this. you are extreamly stupid if you ask me!and your thing about teen pregnancys,again it HAPPENS! and is this YOUR website!?!!?!?!?!? tyhe only things you post in this secton are critisism to peoples name games(which are supposed to be about LIFE!!!) and stupid things like this!

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    Re: Susan: Queen of Nameberry! (A Tribute Thread)


    I don't really think that comment was appropriate. Jill actually, in my opinion, did a very nice thing by honouring Susan who takes so much time to help everyone on this site. If you don't approve of what Jill did, then that's fine - everyone is entitled to their own opinion - but I don't think it's fair to post it and call people stupid...


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