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    Oh, Madeleine McCann... I start crying just thinking about it (I've cried in bookshops from just seeing the book too). So sad. It's a very pretty name, unfortunately it's a name born by many a b*tch.

    Mine are Nero, and I am going to copy Augs' Atlas and Columbine. Oh, how I love Columbine!
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    I really like the name Lenina. But that's an obvious no go for a lot of people.
    Evangeline is one of my favorite names for sound and flow, but the religious meaning is a huge turn off for me and my SO so that was off the table almost immediately.
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    I love Benedict but being an American I feel like everyone would automatically think Benedict Arnold, so I figure I might have to stick with Bennet or Benjamin.

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    I realize that nobody has posted here in a long time, but I just wanted to say this: India, while gorgeous sounding, should almost certainly be off-limits. It is NOT just like any other place name, and people are NOT just being too sensitive when they say that. It was a name that the British gave their babies after taking over India, some as a way of expressing their support for the huge oppression of the Indian people. So while it's fine if you use it as a way to celebrate your Indian heritage or if India is important to you for some other reason, it has its roots in imperialism and violence and thus should not be treated like London, or Paris, or Vienna, and definitely shouldn't get you any kind of credit for open-mindedness, etc.

    *Yous are all general. I don't think anyone here is doing this at all. <3

    As far as offensive names I like, I'd probably go with Jezebel, less because it bothers me personally and more because I'd hate to saddle a kid with a name that offends so many others.
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    Off the top of my head: Jemima, Jezebel and Medea/Mēdeia.

    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I'd quite happily use India if I loved it enough. But if that's deemed offensive to people, I don't see why Jordan, Israel, Scotland, Ireland, Kenya, America, Britain, Asia, Africa, Boston, Dakota, China etc aren't also offensive.
    There's a quite unfortunate history connected to the use of India as a given name. While I dislike location-names myself, I think there's quite a big difference from naming your child Jordan to naming your child India.
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