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    Quote Originally Posted by livia View Post
    I love, love, love the name Madeleine. It's perfect in every way...apart from the McCann association.
    Oh I used to love Madeleine when I was younger. Used to be #1 on my lists! But the combination of the McCanns and an evil boyfriend-stealing b!tch I happen to know has made the name unusable for me. Had a little look at our stats and it fell 68 places between 2007-2008. That McCann association is very strong I think.

    I'd quite happily use India if I loved it enough. But if that's deemed offensive to people, I don't see why Jordan, Israel, Scotland, Ireland, Kenya, America, Britain, Asia, Africa, Boston, Dakota, China etc aren't also offensive.

    And as a Cornishwoman, I find the name Devon minorly offensive

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    My name is Tara and I wasn't named for Gone With The Wind, but I always thought that the concept of being named after a SLAVE PLANTATION & romanticized version of the old south would be kind of....racist-ish. But it seems like so many people love that movie so maybe I was the only one that read into it being a weird story???

    Anyways I always felt a little strange when people said, "Oh like Gone With The Wind!" about my name. I happen to be named after a Soap Opera character!

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    Columbine (big time) and Lolita and Jemima. I also adore Atlas, but every time I bring it up my friends say "...Shrugged?" Yeah, NOT an association I want my son to have.
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    I really like Tarot (pronounced Tarrow) for a girl, and Pagan for a boy (although, surprisingly, it sounds pretty trendy, so I am falling out of 'like' with that one). Lucifer SOUNDS beautiful, and if I put myself out of the associations I love the SOUND of Harlet for a girl. Meh. I also really like Saoirse (with the Sare-sha pronunciation) but I'm not digging the political connotation. I also really liked Cohen until I found out it had the religious ties that it did. No idea!

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    Oh, Madeleine McCann... I start crying just thinking about it (I've cried in bookshops from just seeing the book too). So sad. It's a very pretty name, unfortunately it's a name born by many a b*tch.

    Mine are Nero, and I am going to copy Augs' Atlas and Columbine. Oh, how I love Columbine!
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