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    I'm another fan of the name Columbine. An updated Clementine or Colleen, with the nickname Collie or Calla.

    I also love India, but due to the debates over the colonialism connections makes it entirely off the table. And Lucifer. Oh, how I love Lucifer. Sadly, I could never bring myself to give that to a boy- especially one who would most likely grow up in a Christian environment.
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    I've never really liked the sound of Jemima, so i wouldn't have used it, but i had no idea until i joined nameberry that it was considered a racist name. My only experience with the name has been characters in a few British chick-lit books. Never would've guessed. Also how is Jemima pronounced? I've always said it "jem-ih-mah" but google says it's "jeh-my-mah"?

    It makes me so sad that India has such a negative connotation. Again, i had no idea until i joined nameberry, and now that i know, I'd never be able to use it. I have a special place in my heart for India. I hear it and just taste spicy tea and see multicolored chalk and i equate India with intense beauty and even though i know the India i picture in my head is not the India that actually exists, i still love that picture in my head so much. I'm not like heartbroken that i can't use the name, but oh it would be so lovely. Indie is a nice name, but India is just perfect.
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    Not meaning to offend anyone here, but has it ever occurred to anyone that the only reason names like India are deemed offensive is because people keep telling each other it is... There is nothing offensive about that name unless you really want to find it. It's like that with most place names. America for instance. Or Holland. Or Morocco. If you dig into a names history you'll find something offensive to them all. We'd have no names left..

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    I adore Columbine too. I didn't know that people felt that it was considered so offensive before I joined nameberry. I would still consider it though, because I love it so much. I actually wondered if the same thing would happen to Aurora after that happened, but I doesn't seem like it.

    Another problematic one is Salome. The more famous biblical Salome, isn't exactly a fantastic namesake. I'm not religious, so personally I'm not that bothered by it, but I'm still afraid that other people might be.

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    I also like Lucifer. The sound of it is very appealing to me, but I am religious and even if I weren't, I couldn't do that to a child.

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