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    I've heard of the 'anal' connection with Lana, but it wouldn't stop me using it. It's one of my favourites. It's pretty and simple, and has a ring of vintage Hollywood-glamour about it which I just love (although my profile image of early-Nancy Sinatra sort of gives that away).
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    I love the name Jude as a nickname and I think it's a really amzing name meaning 'happy/praise'. I had thought about Judah but like Jonas instead of Jonah and Tobias instead of Tobiah, I much prefer Judas to Judah; except, I cannot call a son Judas due to the whole Judas/Jesus association. Same goes with Lucifer. Lucy I liked for a girl but if I hear 'JuicyLucy' Loose Lucy' or 'Lucykaboosey' one more time, I will commit crime D:
    Madeline is another I personally couldn't use due to Madeline McCann connotations. There are a lot of gaelic names I love but can't use due to the political state of my country and opinions of local older people.

    I also ADORE the names Sweeney (little hero) and Todd (fox)....but "These are my sons: Sweeney and Todd" or worse "This is my son, Sweeney Todd (LN)" somehow I don't think would go down to well.
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    I never thought about Lana spelled backward.... I do remember in American Pie (was it?) where some guy says Naomi spelled backwards is "I moan" and that turned me off that name.

    I loved the name Ariel growing up (pre-little Mermaid) but it has been ruined by the Little Mermaid.

    I recently suggested Eleanor, nn Nelly to my husband and he said no way b/c of the rapper Nelly (we live in St. Louis so it's even worse : (

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    This may sound incredibly ignorant, but why would the name India be offensive? I've heard of more than one India in my small town, and I live in Wisconsin. People have been saying they're afraid of naming their kid India, but I was just wondering why.

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