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    I really like the name Mara, but it means "bitter". I still think I would consider it regardless of the negative meaning, but still. I'd feel bad giving that name to my daughter.
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    I like the idea of calling a girl Argentina. It sounds really pretty to me, and I'd love to visit the country sometime. And it is an real name - there was an Argentine actress called Argentina Brunetti. However, a lot of other people don't like it, both because it's so widely recognised as a place name and because of the unpleasant association with the Falklands War. (Or the Malvinas War, if you prefer...) I also quite like America, but couldn't use it for similar reasons. Or Persia, with all this sabre-rattling towards Iran going on.

    I love Lolita, both the name and the book, but the associations make it too unsavoury for me to use.
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    This one wouldn't be as much offensive as it would be stupid. Malheureuse (or the male form 'Malheureux') is one of my favourite words and whenever I say it out loud, I think of what a great girls name it would be (especially with the nickname "Mal"). However, naming a child "miserable" is too much of a stretch for me
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    I like the name Jezebel, but like others said, it has evil connections, so I'll probably never use it. Same goes for Delilah.
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    My daughter's name is Pandora Hope. I call her Panda, Panda bear, and Panda-roo . I have gotten compliments and criticism.... I can see it either way but as a parent I will raise her to be proud of her nontraditional name and own it. Originally her name was not intended to be linked to the myth but I just could not find a more fitting middle name <3 it was perfect (to me)

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