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    Quote Originally Posted by ferntailwp View Post
    I love the names Shylock (the back guy in a Shakespeare) and Harlot (whore), but I wouldn't be afraid to use them. The child will be his/her own self and can change people's perception of the name if necessary. I'm a girl named after the freaking greek god of sex. Not even the goddess, and it doesn't affect me at all. Some people are more sensitive to that though.
    Shylock was a Jewish man in the Merchant of Venice, Othello was the black one

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    I adore India but I couldn't bring myself to use it. Too much awful history.

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    DP and I love Pagan for a girl, just for the sound, but the poor child would suffer so much from ignorant people's reactions, it's not worth it.
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    I adore Lolita (:

    It's so sad that it has such bad connections, both with the novel and it's more modern associations. Shame. It sounds so spunky and sweet. Lola isn't half as pretty.

    Jezebel too
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    I agree with Lolita! Such a lovely name. And the way it is described in the novel as "lyrical" and "lilting" makes me love it more. Too bad.

    I agree also with Violante. What a pretty sound, but yes, way too close to "violence"

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