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    Re: Please vote for just one

    If it's one from each list, then I choose Abigail (if it's strictly just Abby then I would choose Natalie instead), Ava, and Fiona. If I have to choose one out of all three lists, then it just barely goes to Fiona. There are so many cute choices here; I especially like your "other" list.

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    Re: Please vote for just one

    Katharine gets my pick, especially this spelling! It's lovely.
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    Re: Please vote for just one


    It just seems so "now" while also being classic and not popular while still being well known.
    Its pretty much a perfect name.
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    Re: Please vote for just one

    Natalie is so soft and gentle. My problem is that I love the French pronounciation so much more than the American one. It's so much more flowing and has character when pronounced the French way.

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