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    If you were the Duggars...

    Ever thought about how you would name your 19 kids? You can do anything you want as long as they're unified in some way (even if that's style or origin). Stick with the gender order of the actual duggars.

    Mine would go through the alphabet. My middle names have the first initial of the next letter.
    1 Boy Ace Boston
    2 Girl Brooklyn Caroline [twin]
    3 Boy Crew Donovan [twin]
    4 Girl Dahlia Eden
    5 Girl Ever Finley
    6 Girl Felicity Grace
    7 Boy Garrett Harrison
    8 Boy Hudson Isaac
    9 Girl Ivy Juliet
    10 Boy James Kian [twin]
    11 Boy Kellen Lance [twin]
    12 Boy Landon Maddox
    13 Boy Madden Nathaniel
    14 Boy Nash Oliver
    15 Boy Oakley Preston
    16 Girl Peyton Quinn
    17 Girl Quincy Rain
    18 Girl Rosalind Snow
    19 Girl Skylie Taryn
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

    Mom to Boston and Piper <3

    Names I love...
    Boys - Grady, Crew, Oakley, Penn, Beckett, Milo and Callum
    Girls - Lennox, Callaway, Arden, Belle, Lorelei, Annabel, Posey, Violet, and Eve

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    Re: If you were the Duggars...

    I decided to challenge myself by giving my 19 kids all vowels names, but the names alternate: A, E, I, O, U. The middle names are also connected--they go in alphabetical order, skipping the vowels, all word names. Definitely a mix of styles, here!

    1. Andrew Brave
    2. Eloise Cadence [twin]
    3. Isaac Dean [twin]
    4. Olivia Felice
    5. Ursa Grace
    6. Arabelle Hazel
    7. Emerson Jet
    8. Ian Kai
    9. Odette Lark
    10. Ulysses Mercury [twin]
    11. Alistair Night [twin]
    12. Elijah Poet
    13. Igor Quest
    14. Oscar Robin
    15. Ulrich Sage
    16. Aviana True
    17. Emmeline Verity
    18. Imogen Winter
    19. Octavia Xanthe

    **and on the way: 20. Una Yasmin and 21. Atticus Zen**
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    Re: If you were the Duggars...

    All of the first names mean the same thing ("luck" or "fortune"), and all of the middle names start with the letter N.

    1. Maddox Norman
    2. Felicity Nicole
    3. Prosper Nathan
    4. Destiny Natalia
    5. Monifa Noelle
    6. Gwyneth Naomi
    7. Felix North
    8. Laxman Nicholas
    9. Sadiya Nahla
    10. Devlin Narcissus
    11. Chance Navarro
    12. Fausto Nehemiah
    13. Chauncey Nolan
    14. Behruz Nestor
    15. Fortune Nuncio
    16. Ventura Nouvel
    17. Tavora Neith
    18. Yuki Nikita
    19. Mazal Nenet

    Phew, that was tough!
    baby #1 arriving october 2015

    Lσrεn Mαlcσlm Dσnσvαn
    ßεαtrix Hεlεnα Viviαn

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Re: If you were the Duggars...

    1 Boy Benjamin Bailey
    2 Girl Abigail Jadyn [twin]
    3 Boy Asher Dylan [twin]
    4 Girl Chloe Dominique
    5 Girl Delilah Ariel
    6 Girl Hannah Justice
    7 Boy Elijah Kendall
    8 Boy Gideon Parker
    9 Girl Leah Jordan
    10 Boy Isaac Harley [twin]
    11 Boy Jacob London [twin]
    12 Boy Michael Dakota
    13 Boy Nehemiah Phoenix
    14 Boy Paul Reese
    15 Boy Timothy Tyler
    16 Girl Rebekah Sage
    17 Girl Sarah Morgan
    18 Girl Zipporah Riley
    19 Girl Dorcas Drew

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    Re: If you were the Duggars...

    I started with A for first names and Z for middles.

    1 Boy Asher Zechariah
    2 Girl Bridget Yvonne
    3 Boy Collin Xavier
    4 Girl Delia Whitney
    5 Girl Emmeline Vivian
    6 Girl Felicity Ulyssa
    7 Boy Gavin Thomas
    8 Boy Holden Sawyer
    9 Girl Isobel Rebekah
    10 Boy Joseph Quinten
    11 Boy Klayton Phillip
    12 Boy Levi Oliver
    13 Boy Marek Nathaniel
    14 Boy Nicholas Matthias
    15 Boy Owen Lukas
    16 Girl Phoebe Katherine
    17 Girl Quinlyn Juliet
    18 Girl Rosemary Isabella
    19 Girl Susannah Hope

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