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    Create a Class 1

    This is like a shorter version of my Create a School, so it will be a lot similar. Just give all the students a first name that fits the details, and choose whatever last and middle names you like. Their will also be a teacher. This class has one set of triplets. Choose their name from the name bank.

    TEACHER: Mr., Mrs., Ms.
    Walker, Redmond, Snow, Brighton, Oakley, Bell, Pine, Bowman

    1.An athletic redheaded girl, her name starts with J.
    2. A shy blonde boy whose name is one that is very popular in your area.
    3. 2s girlfriend. She loves cats a lot! Her name starts and ends with the same letter.
    4. A cheerleader girl with long black hair. She has an uncommon version of a more common name.
    5. A football player with curly brown hair. He has a unisex name.
    6. A triplet girl with red hair. She likes to dance. She has a classic name.
    7.Girl 6's sister, who loves the beach. She has a cool but VERY unusual name.
    8. The third triplet, a boy, who has a modern invented name.
    9. A girl that loves parties. She has a one syllable name.
    10. 9's boyfriend. Blonde and handsome. He has a name that sounds like a nickname.
    11. A boy, one of 4's best friends. He has a name that starts with N.
    12. 6's best friend, also a dancer. She has blonde hair and a virtue name.
    13. A shy girl whose name starts with O.
    14. A girl with long red hair. Her name is a modern invented one.
    15. A mysterious blonde girl whose name starts with B.
    16. 8's best friend, he has a classic name.
    17. An athletic girl with blonde hair, she is best friends with girls 1 and 15. Has a smoosh name (two stuck together to make one ).
    18. A smart boy whose name ends with n.
    19. 15's boyfriend. He has brown hair. His name is one that is popular on Nameberry.
    20. A very friendly guy with a surname name.
    21. A brown haired girl who likes to swim. Has a name that starts with E.
    22. A popular boy with a two syllable name.
    I turn 17 on May 11th! ^^

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    TEACHER: Mr. Oakley

    1. Jillian Ashley Moss
    2. Tyler James Shepherd
    3. Arianna Macie King
    4. Kelleigh Savannah Weiss
    5. Logan Samuel Maxwell
    6. Charlotte Autumn Alvarado
    7. Merytt Madelynn Alvarado
    8. Keiran Herbert Alvarado
    9. Leigh Kamari Decker
    10. Topher Donovan Randolph
    11. Nicholas Nathaniel Cunningham
    12. Hope Alissa Pennington
    13. Olivia Cali Anthony
    14. Riya Aspen Ballard
    15. Brenda Aubree Dunn
    16. James Jayvion Pratt
    17. Jayanna Tia Salazar
    18. Cameron Joseph Wolfe
    19. Declan Toby Hicks
    20. Jensen Aiden Schwartz
    21. Eliza Faith Gallagher
    22. Bradyn Rhys Woodward
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    TEACHER: Ms. Pine

    1. Jessa Chloe Clarke
    2. Sawyer Boaz Goldstein
    3. Emilie Serena Benoit
    4. Viviane Rivka van Roos
    5. Addison Ray Carter
    6. Adelaide Marie Ross
    7. Andromache Grace Ross
    8. Asher Klaus Ross
    9. Greer Madison Smythe
    10. Jack Alan Arterton
    11. Nathaniel Toby Tating
    12. Trinity Abrams
    13. Olive Emilia Alcott
    14. Aryelle Christa McDonald
    15. Blue Indigo Desplat-Rogers
    16. Charles Evan Zusman
    17. Annabeth Minerva Scott
    18. Soren Thor Johansson
    19. Theodore "Teddy" Atticus Ellison
    20. Hamilton Michael Edgars
    21. Evangeline Rosemary von der Gelt
    22. Nolan Andrew Pierce
    Amedeo Ariel Dmitri Enjolras
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    TEACHER: Mr. Oakley

    1. Jovie Camille Perkins
    2. Jackson Milo Dunton
    3. Elle Marissa Simpson
    4. Caitrin Mackenzie Milliken
    5. Taylor Everett Norton
    6. Mary Elizabeth Dow *Mariel*
    7. Junia Roxanne Dow
    8. Garren Bradley Dow
    9. Lux Athena Duncan
    10. Wells Nathaniel Tardif
    11. Noble Elias Cooper
    12. Serenity Miley Cyr *Renna*
    13. Oceane Amelia Gagne *Ocie*
    14. Christia Juniper Mortensen
    15. Bay Carina Logan
    16. Thomas Jonah Jennings
    17. Annabeth Michaela Nicholson
    18. Judson Cole Feldman
    19. Wyatt Emeric Dickens
    20. Ford Gabriel McCabe
    21. Esme Louisa Hannigan
    22. Byron Spencer Lawrence
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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