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Thread: Say/Think

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    Another Say/Think baby name game! I love absolutely love these!


    Pretend like you are introducing your daughter(s) and/or son(s) to someone.
    example: "I'd like you to meet my daughter Alyse Mia.
    The next player then writes what they would say about the names and then what they are thinking about them wether they like the names or not (honest opinion)
    example (player#2):
    Say- Nice to meet you! What a cute little name!
    Think- Ugh. Not ANOTHER Mia! I hate this name. Wouldn't Alyse Camille sound so much more better?!

    Then, player#2 introduces their imaginary names.

    Also, try to give some advice for the name(s) if you really don't like it!


    Hello! This is my son, Wesley Finnian! He was welcomed by his older sister Lorelai Jane just this morning!

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