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    Your 7-Member Family!

    (This is my first CAF, so I apologize for any mistakes. If you find an error in the CAF, please tell me so that I an fix it )

    Family Name: Your Choice


    DH FN: Choose from this list:
    DH MN: Choose from the Today's Most Popular Names section on Nameberry's homepage

    Nathaniel Rowan Chamberlin

    DW FN: Choose from this list
    DW MN: Evelyn, Samantha, Vivian, Angela, Cassandra, Joanne, or Kathryn

    Patricia Vivian Chamberlin (nee Blake)

    DD FN (14): Choose from here (girls section)
    DD MN: Choose a 'nickname' name e.g Lisa,Beth,Kenzie

    Rebecca Lulu Chamberlin

    DD FN (9): Choose a flower name e.g Daisy, Daffodil
    DD MN: Choose a British, Irish or Latin name
    Jasmine Louise Chamberlin

    DS FN (12): Choose a six-letter name
    DS MN: Choose from this list:

    Austin Miller Chamberlin

    DS FN (7): Choose a relative's name OR a close friend's name
    DS MN: Choose from this list:

    David Nicholas Chamberlin

    The baby (4 months): Gender your choice
    DB FN: Your choice
    DB MN: Your choice

    Tristan Jonathan Chamberlin

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    Nov 2013
    LN: Churchwell

    DH: Eli Jedidiah Churchwell
    DW: Antonia Kathryn Churchwell (Toni) (nee Braxton)
    DD (14): Adrianna Kiki Churchwell (Addi)
    DS (12): Ashton Abel Churchwell
    DD (9): Magnolia Elizabeth Churchwell (Nola)
    DS (7): Graeme Christopher Churchwell
    DD (4 Months): Cheyenne Mikayla Churchwell

    Eli and Toni with Addi, Ashton, Nola, Graeme, and Cheyenne
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    kurt daniel || john charles || ari joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    The Montgomery's

    Maisie, Stella, Elodie, Lane, Alyssa, Jacey, Eloise, Daisy, Elise, and Kinli

    Noah, Kai, Ronan, Jude, Mason, Austin, Weston, Charlie, Finn, and Jack

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    Aug 2012
    LN: Hayes

    DH: Adam Ronan Hayes (45)
    DW: Christine Kathryn Hayes (42)

    DD: Margaret Kate Hayes (14) "Meg"
    DS: Rowan Grey Hayes (12)
    DD: Violet Quinn Hayes (9)
    DS: Porter Levi Hayes (7)
    DD: Hazel Maisie Hayes (4 mos)

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    the Ellsworth family

    DH: Samuel Archer
    DW: Augusta Vivian (I'd prefer Vivienne)

    DD: Audrey Kate (14)
    DS: Sawyer Theodore (12)
    DD: Acacia Roisin (9)
    DS: Solomon Levi (7)
    DD: Adelynn Violetta (4mos)
    My heart has grown by twelve feet.
    Callum Owen (9-23-04) · Aletta Isobel (4-3-06) · Leopold Elijah (2-24-09)
    Arabella Audrey (7-28-10) · Alice Olivia (8-30-12) · Sutton Ellsworth (8-21-14)
    Lucky # 7 Coming in June 2015

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