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    Re: Olive & Kit's sister coming Friday and still no name HELP!

    I'm so excited!

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    Re: Olive & Kit's sister coming Friday and still no name HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    She had the baby?! Congratulations to everyone! I hope your wife and the baby are doing well. :-)

    Her and the baby are doing just great.

    Olive, Kit, and: (I added my comments. I think when Lizzie comes home with our named baby, she'll get a kick out of them or she'll kick me.

    Beatrix: Trix are for kids.
    Blythe: No idea how to say this.
    Clover: haha. Are you a comedian, Jill?
    Clementine: Oh my darlin, Oh my darlin. Why do I know that song?
    Daisy: Daisy Duke or Daisy Duck?
    Fiona: Thanks to Ollie, I know that this is an Ogre name.
    Flora: Thanks to Kit, I know this is from Sleeping Beauty.
    Genevieve (nn Evie): We're not French.
    Georgia (nn Georgie): Georgia is where we live.
    Iris: Isn't this part of the eye? Cornea, Retina, & the Iris. Once again, very funny.
    Julia (nn July, for her birth) My mom's name. I can't wait to see the look on Lizzie's face when I suggest that we name the kid after her mother in law.
    Louisa (nn Lulu): No
    Mirabelle (nn Miri): No
    Mabel (nn Mae or Maisie): She's a baby. Not 90.
    Nell: Jodie Foster movie that Lizzie made me watch and I hated.
    Phoebe: Nope. Don't like it.
    Penelope (nn Nell or Poppy): See Nell above and Poppy is what my kids call her Dad.
    Sunday (nn Sunny, which she liked): She was born on a Thursday.
    Thea/Theodora: Theodora too long. And I told her earlier, Thea was okay if she loved it, and I got, "but she doesn't look like a Thea." See I told you she was the PICKY one.
    Toby: Isn't this a boy's name like the guy who plays Spiderman? I'll suggest Mary Jane.
    Tess: Tessie is the name of our cat.

    (Subliminal message: You will love these suggestions, especially your wife's favorites like Thea, Phoebe, Lulu, and Miri....) :-)

    It didn't work, but nice try Jill.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and your family! :-)

    Lizzie's note (made me write this) since she says girls like details.

    Baby Girl was born on July 23rd, at 6:02 am, weighing 8 pounds and 20" long.

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    Re: Olive & Kit's sister coming Friday and still no name HELP!

    I just had to stop on my way home from work and read this in the car! Congrats! Super exciting!

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    Re: Olive & Kit's sister coming Friday and still no name HELP!

    Oh Congrads! So excited! Please write back to tell us what you named her!

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    Re: Olive & Kit's sister coming Friday and still no name HELP!

    Congratulations! It seems like everyone is doing well, that's wonderful! Good luck picking the name for your beautiful little girl, the pressure is on now!
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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